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Aclam Pedalboard System

Custom & modular guitar and bass pedalboards

Aclam's custom pedalboard system offers a new world of possibilities to attach and take care of your effects pedals, with a unique adhesive-less pedalboard.

What Makes Aclam Custom Pedalboards Unique?

Define fastening method

Smart Track®, Evo Track® or Hybrid Track®

Choose which is the best way to attach your pedals on your pedalboard. Smart Track pedalboards are the result of a study that led up to a patented design to secure your effects pedals without damaging them. No glue or adhesives are needed to attach your pedals!

100% Customizable

Upgrade your pedalboard with Aclam's accessories

Customize your pedalboard: keep your pedalboard clean and your cables tidy. Give the right power to your pedalboard, hold your power supply, build tiers or even a second or third level. Buy spare parts to expand or reduce the size of your pedalboard... Your imagination is the limit to build your perfect pedalboard!

Tidy and clean

Focused on cable management

Take advantage of the pedalboard’s grooves, not just to place the Smart Track® fasteners, but to keep all your cables tidy.

Hide cables inside the grooves and hold them in place with the tidy cables accessories. Clean up your pedalboard and make it look professional.


Custom desgined aluminium profiles

Build with Aclam-desgined aluminium profiles. A great balance between resistance and light weigth, it will become a long-lasting touring partner.

Great stability

Adjustable legs to keep it stable on any surface

Adjust your pedalboard’s height and inclination to attain a great stability on any stage.

Follow the steps to Define Your Custom Pedalboard

1. Choose your favourite fastening method

2. Define which pedalboard size do you need

3. Choose cable routing configuration

4. Customize your pedalboard with accessories

Fastening method

Smart Track<sup>®</sup>

· Keep your pedals adhesive-free. It’s a reliable hook and loop alternative.

· Attach and rearrange your pedals securely in a quick, easy and fun way.

· It can be reused as many times as needed.

· Fasteners are included with your Smart Track® pedalboard.

Know more about Smart Track®

Evo Track<sup>®</sup>

If your choice is the classic hook and loop method, we offer super-strong VELCRO® brand straps. It can be easily converted into a Smart Track® thanks to its modular system.

Hybrid Track<sup>®</sup>

If you are hesitating, you can combine both methods in the same pedalboard. It can be easily converted into a Smart Track® thanks to its modular system.

Pedalboard sizes & capacity

With Aclam's pedalboard system you can build more than 18 pedalboard sizes. The most common pedalboard sizes are our 5 standard pedalboards: XS1, XS2, S1, S2 & L2. All other dimensions can be build and customized by yourself.

Standard pedalboard sizes

Capacity shown on images are just for reference. It will depend on your pedal dimensions and distribution.


Dimensions: 42 x 15 cm (16.5" x 5.9")
3 - 4 pedals


Dimensions: 59 x 15 cm (23.2" x 5.9")
4 - 5 pedals


Dimensions: 42 x 30 cm (16.5" x 11.8")
Capacity: 5 - 7 pedals


Dimensions: 59 x 30 cm (23.2" x 11.8")
Capacity: 8 - 10 pedals


Dimensions: 83 x 30 cm (32.1" x 11.8")
Capacity: 10 - 14 pedals

Other sizes & custom pedalboards

If you need any special or custom sized pedalboard, take a look at all different pedalboards you can build with the Aclam's pedalboard system.


How to build your Aclam custom pedalboard

Define Cable Routing Configuration

Top routing

Use the grooves to hide cables under the pedals and keep your custom pedalboard tidy. Cable distribution is done on the top side of the pedalboard. It facilitates the access and management of cables when it comes to change your guitar and bass pedalboard’s configuration.

Free routing

Its slatted design lets you organize cables freely through the pedalboard, using both sides of the pedalboard. Use the grooves to hide cables under the pedals and keep your pedalboard tidy.

Pedalboard Accessories

Cable management

Aclam patch cables and cable organizers to keep your pedalboard clean and tidy. Place and remove these little clips easily with your hands by clipping them into the grooves. Pass cables through the grooves and hold them on place.

How to keep your cables tidy

Power Supplies and Supports

Get some power for your effects pedals: T-Rex Fuel Tank Jr, Cioks SOL, Cioks DC-7CIOKS-DC10 & Mission Engineering. Hold and protect your power supply underneath the pedalboard without losing any space for your pedals using our power holders.

How to mount the power supply on your pedalboard?


Elevate fully or partially the second row of pedals, build a second level and elevate your pedals, design a 2 tier pedalboard, build a level on a level on a level...

How to build tiers and levels on your pedalboard

Spare & Fast Fasteners

Buy extra fasteners or upgrade your Smart Track pedalboard getting the Fast Fasteners. With an easier set-up; no tools needed and a faster use!

Know more about Fast Fasteners

Spare Parts

Build your custom pedalboard buying all the spare parts you need. Get some toard, tracks and sides to expand your pedalboard, get some anti-slip foot pads, some spare adjustable feet and much more!

How to build your custom pedalboard

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