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Cioks SOL, DC7 & DC5 PSU pedalboard support

PSU Support - Cioks SOL, Cioks DC7 & Cioks DC5

Mount your Cioks DCSOL DC7 or DC5 under your pedalboard



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Upgrade your pedalboard setup with the Aclam Cioks Power Supply Mount, designed to seamlessly integrate Cioks DC7, Cioks DC5 and Cioks SOL power supplies into the underside of your Aclam Smart Track Pedalboard. This ingenious accessory provides a secure and tidy solution for mounting your Cioks power supply, allowing you to optimize pedalboard space on the top surface.

Firm and Secure Attachment: The Aclam Cioks Power Supply Mount ensures a stable and secure attachment for Cioks DC7, Cioks DC5 and Cioks SOL power supplies, keeping your power source firmly in place during performances and transportation.

Maximize Pedalboard Real Estate: By mounting the power supply underneath the pedalboard, you gain more space on the top surface for adding and arranging your favorite pedals. This clever design allows for a more versatile and expansive pedal layout.

Effortless Integration: The mount is specifically crafted to seamlessly integrate with Aclam Smart Track Pedalboards, providing a hassle-free installation process. The result is a clean and professional-looking pedalboard setup.

Upgrade your pedalboard experience with the Aclam Cioks Power Supply Mount, combining the renowned quality of Aclam Smart Track Pedalboards with the reliable power solutions from Cioks. Take your pedal rig to new heights by maximizing space and ensuring a secure power supply setup.

Explore the world of Aclam Smart Track Pedalboards at Aclam Guitars. Elevate your pedalboard game with Aclam Cioks Power Supply Mount – where innovation meets functionality.



Laquered aluminum
Designed for
Cioks SOL & Cioks DC7

What customers think about this product?


Well made and a great fit!

I have the bracket for the Cioks DC10 on my bigger SmartTrack board. So when I needed a smaller board for just saxophone this year, a smaller SmartTrack board with a Cioks SOL was a no brainer.

I had to wait a while for this bracket to come into stock and then ship to Scotland, but it was worth the wait.
It’s a well made, sturdy bracket that can be positioned along the track to any side (or centre) under my board. Even though it’s a small board, there’s plenty of room for the super slim SOL and bracket. It’s also nice that the power supply screws on to the bracket (screws supplied) and allows access to the voltage dip switches.

Highly recommended!

- 17 March 2024

Perfect Mounting System for Cioks

This really perfects mounting a Cioks power supply. Because you have switches on the to that can change the voltage, this leaves them all exposed so you can easily change voltages. The regular mount wasn't terrible, but I had to obscure one of my switch banks.

I also like that you can slide it to fit where you want. This is wonderful!

- 08 March 2024


I've been waiting for this accessory to arrive for a very long time: to finally be able to install the best power supply on the best pedalboard!
This accessory is very easy to install, just like all Aclam products.
I use it with the Cioks DC7 and the Cioks 4 Expander, which is also compatible ;-)

- 21 Jan. 2024

Great Power Support

I have just received and installed this on my SOL. It's so much better than the crummy little universal support system that you get with the pedalboard. It's very much worth the cost.

I highly recommend this one.


- 17 Jan. 2024