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Design and build your custom pedalboard step by step | Aclam Guitars

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Design and build your custom pedalboard step by step

Tired of buying standard pedalboards that does'nt meet your needs? If you are thinking about building your own custom pedalboard, you need to keep reading. Aclam’s modular pedalboard system will allow you to combine the pedalboard parts you need to build a custom pedalboard.

How to build a custom pedalboard?

1. Define the aproximate pedalboard dimensions you need.
2. Select the side length you need
3. Select which tracks you need.
4. Decide if you want a completely flat or a slanted pedalboard.
5. Define the fastening system for your pedals
6. Check you’ve got everything you need before making your order!

Basics: Understanding how Aclam’s pedalboard system works

In order to design your custom pedalboard, you will need:

how to build a custom aclam pedalboard parts

- 2 pedalboard sides: With the desired length

- Several Tracks: Depending on the size and configuration for your custom pedalboard.

- 4 Feet: Adjustable or not, depending if you want a flat or slanted pedalboard.

- Pedal attaching system: Choose between using the Smart Track® fasteners and/or Velcro®.

We will take care of the rest, so you can build your custom pedalboard easily! You'll get enough smart nuts, screws and an allen key.

screws and nuts for aclam custom pedalboard

Step 1. Define the pedalboard dimensions you need

First of all, start defining your perfect pedalboard dimension. It is not always easy choosing the right size and there are some questions we strongly recommend you ask yourself before deciding. You can read about the secrets to choose your right pedalboard size here.

Read it now

Take a look at all the pedalboard sizes possibilities. The pedalboards highlighted in green are Aclam's standard pedalboards, which you can buy directly at our online store without the need of thinking much more about it. The pedalboards showed in grey, are the ones you can build yourself as a custom and modular pedalboard.

Buy a Standard pedalboard

Aclam pedalboard's dimensions summary

Aclam Pedalboards System: all sizes

Tip: Choose the approximate dimensions and keep in mind that combinations may vary if you are looking to build a free routing or top routing pedalboard. You will see that in the next step, while choosing the pedalboard sides.

Step 2. Define the side length you need

You will always need 2 sides to build one pedalboard, and you can choose how would you like to do the cable routing in your pedalboard: top routing or free routing.

choose Side length aclam custom pedalboards

Top routing - Pedalboard dimensions

On top routing pedalboards, cables are laid throughout the top side of your pedalboard. Remember you can use the grooves and tidy cables to keep them organized.

Top routing

Top routing - Sides lengths

Aclam Pedalboards System: lateral sizes

Choose your pedalboard sides here

Free routing - Pedalboard dimensions

If you prefer having a 2cm distance between slats to organize cables freely through the pedalboard, this is your choice.

Free routing pedalboards custom aclam sizes and dimensions

Free routing - Sides lengths

Sides for free routing custom aclam pedalboards 

Choose your pedalboard sides here

Step 3. Check which tracks length, model and quantity you need.

Be sure to know which sides you have chosen and check carefully which tracks and how many of them do you need to complete your pedalboard.

Track model

There are 2 different track widths available: 6 cm or 15 cm.

Both widths have a reversible version. That means you can choose to mount it as a Smart Track® to attach your pedals free of adhesives; or use it as an Evo Track® using Velcro®.

track width 6cm aclam pedalboards reversible

Track width 15 cm aclam pedalboard

There's one 6cm width track that is not reversible and can only be used as a Velcro® pedalboard. We recommend to use this one as a free routing pedalboard as it does not have grooves on the top side to organize the cables.

track width 6cm non reversible aclam pedalboards

Choose your pedalboard tracks here

Track length

All Aclam's pedalboard tracks are available in 3 different lengths: 42, 59 and 83 cm.

Tracks aclam pedalboards

Choose your pedalboard tracks here

Tracks models and quantity for Top Routing pedalboards

As you can see in the sizes summary for top routing pedalboards, here you have the model and number of tracks that you need to build:

Pedalboard side length

Track width


15 cm15 cm1
30 cm15 cm2
30 cm6 cm5
36 cm6 cm6
42 cm6 cm7
45 cm15 cm3

Choose your pedalboard tracks here

Tracks models and quantity for Free Routing pedalboards

As you can see in the sizes summary for free routing pedalboards, here you have the model and number of tracks that you need to build:

Pedalboard side length

Track width


30 cm6 cm4
38 cm6 cm5
46 cm6 cm6

Choose your pedalboard tracks here

Step 4. Decide if you want a completely flat or a slanted and adjustable pedalboard.

If you wish to have a completely flat pedalboard, add 4 x front rubber to your cart.

flat pedalboard aclam rubber feet

If you prefer a slanted pedalboard, add 2 x front rubber and 2 x adjustable foot.

slanted pedalboard aclam rubber feet and adjustable feet

Step 5. Define the fastening system for your pedals

Be sure you have chosen the correct tracks to use the fastening system you choose. Add the parts for the method you prefer to use.

If you want to combine both methods creating a Hybrid Track® pedalboard, remember you will need both accessories: fasteners and hook & loop.

choose how to attach pedals in aclam pedalboards

Fasteners for Smart Track®

If you want to have a free-adhesive pedalboard, then go for this one. Add some Fasteners to your order. If you have a strange-shaped pedal, like a fuzzface or anyone with a rounded face, you will need to buy the Fasteners 360º, specially designed to addapt to any kind of shape.

aclam smart track fasteners

Get your fasteners here

Velcro® for Evo Track®

If you still don’t want to make the change and prefer using Velcro, add some Velcro® straps to your order.

Be sure to get the Velcro loop with the width of your selected tracks:

- 3 cm Velcro loop for: Reversible track width 6cm

- 3,8 cm Velcro loop for: 15cm track and non-reversible track width 6cm.

Velcro loop dimensions for aclam pedalboard tracks

Get your Velcro Loop here

Get your Velcro Hook here

Step 6. Check you’ve got everything you need before making your order!

aclam how to build a custom pedalboard graphics

Make your order!

If you need any help or if any question arises regarding the proper combination just contact us and we will be happy to help you out!

Make your custom pedalboard now!

Share your custom and modular pedalboards on social media!

Tag @aclamguitars and use the hashtags: #myrigmyrules #aclamguitars

pedalboard instagram custom

custom pedalboard aclam instagram link

instagrm custom link aclam pedalboard

instagram custom pedalboard aclam link

If you enjoy this reading, help us to spread the word: share it and leave you comment below!

Aclam Team

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    • Avatar
      may 5, 2020


    • Avatar
      Will Pipes
      may 21, 2020

      I'm glad for this post ,it clears up some questions I had,namely the parts that aren't available in the U.S.,( still don't know the reason)but I was thinking I couldn't get the larger sized pieces,as I'm considering a big board.Ill keep on planning,and hopefully make an order,soon,but I'm thinking a phone call,to make sure I have things figured correctly before ordering,would be a good idea.Thanks!

    • Avatar
      paul edwards
      dic 1, 2022

      How can I build a two layer pedal board? nnI have Boss router to go on the lower level, then the pedals to go on a upper level,. The upper level wwold be about 1/2 the depth of the lower level, and be over the 1/4 jacks on the Boss router.

    • Avatar
      Aclam Team
      dic 2, 2022

      Hello Paul, nHere's a blog entry that can help you out to decide which is the best option for you: it helps!

    • Avatar
      abr 17, 2023

      Looking to place my boss gt1000 and sy-1000 on one pedal board with a riser so one can go on top in the back of the other.

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