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Wahpper+: pedalboard partial riser (with space for pedals)


Elevate 10 cm a new row of pedals leaving space for pedals underneath. Save space for the Wah-Wah or expressions pedals at one side.

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An evolution of the existing Wahpper will not only allow having a partially risen track on your Aclam pedalboard, it will provide enough space between the pedalboard’s track and the risen tier to place those effects pedals that you don’t need to engage or are being run through a switcher. Gain extra space for your pedals with this pedalboard tier accessory, check it now!


Elevate a section of your Aclam pedalboard with the Wahpper plus and hide beneath the tier all those pedals that you don’t need to engage so frequently or that are running through a switcher.

Check the different sizes available which correspond to the standard track sizes, XS for a 42cm track, S for 59cm or L for the largest 83cm option. If you already own a spare track you would only need the Wahpper + (no track) in order to assemble your pedalboard tier. Contact us for more information.


Assembling the Wahpper plus pedalboard tier is as easy as fitting any of Aclam’s accessories. Just place the Wahpper plus side guide at the desired position by sliding it along the grooves and lock it using the thumbscrews.


This accessory has been created as a result of the feedback we have received of Wahpper customers demanding enough space between the main track and tier in order to place pedals and make the most of the available space.

Due to this new elevation, the current models of Soft case and hard case won’t be compatible with this accessory, so bear that in mind.

This accessory doesn’t include fasteners nor Velcro®, so you can use the spare ones you already have or get some more fastener packs.

Wahpper plus pedalboard tier is compatible with almost any 30 cm deepth pedalboard in catalog, such as XS2, S2 or L2. The only one where you will not be able to mount it, is with the Evo Track® free routing non-reversible pedalboard.

The Wahpper plus uses a standard Smart Track®, so there are also customized options that we can do in terms of length, so if you would like a custom setup, just contact us and we will sort out your needs.


Build your Smart Track®, Evo Track® or Hybrid Track® Top Routing pedalboard tier with the Wahpper plus. Choose the size and customize your Aclam pedalboard with this accessory and others you can find at Aclam’s online store. We ship worldwide!


Anodized aluminum
Fastening Method
Smart Track® & Evo Track® (fasteners & Velcro® not included)
Works with
30 cm depth pedalboards (XS2, S2 & L2)
Not available for
Evo Track® free routing non-reversible
Ask us for a custom length wahpper
XS S & L

What customers think about this product?


This completes my Aclam board

No more Velcro or adhesives! This quickly bolts on to add an extra layer of pedals to my board.

- 02 Feb. 2024

medium stuff !

The whapper takes up a lot of space, it must be functional on a fairly large base otherwise it takes up a lot of space!

- 23 Feb. 2022

Not Great

Upper level obscures too much of the main board even when set as far back as possible.

- 25 Jan. 2022

Makes the best pedalboard even better!

The added shelf gives me an entire additional row of pedals, with room underneath for ones that don't need changing very much, like my amp modeler pedal. Putting it together was easy, and it is constructed well.

- 10 July 2020