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Free routing pedalboards available in the US! | Aclam Guitars
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Free routing pedalboards available in the US!

Aclam is pleased to announce that the range of free routing pedalboards will become available in the US from the 14th of December.

Free routing pedalboards have the same functionality top routing boards have, but with the addition of having a slatted design with space to pass cables through.



In terms of the finish, free routing pedalboards still use aluminum, but have a grey lacquered coating rather than the anodized black finish Top routing models have.  

Its slatted design, with 2cm space between slats, will allow to pass the cables through to the underside of the pedalboard and keep the top free of cables.

The cable management accessories attach to the board using the grooves, which can be found on both sides of the track, so the Tidy Cables accessory will sort out cables underneath the pedalboard avoiding those cable tangles that make difficult any kind of relocation of cables or detection of effects pedal chain issues.


The modular concept will allow you to use the same accessories on both Top Routing and Free routing pedalboards*.

Use the PSU supports to place the PSU underneath the pedalboard, tidy cables to keep your wiring organized and use the option of tiers to create different levels of stompboxes.


*the Upper has a specific option for free routing pedalboards, so if you want to reuse your Top Routing upper on a free routing pedalboard you will have to buy the adaptor


Free routing pedalboards come in sizes XS2 (42x30cm), S2 (59x30cm) & L2 (83x30cm), in addition to custom options which are explained in this blog entry 



Free routing pedalboards have 2 fastening options to choose from: Smart Track & Evo Track.

Smart Track® pedalboards use Aclam’s patented fastening system to attach pedals without the need of adhesives nor Velcro. It reverses into Evo Track. CHECK IT!


Evo Track pedalboards have the same features but with the classic Velcro system and they reverse into Smart Track. KNOW MORE!


The Evo track nonreversible option is a simpler version without the possibility of reversing the track into a Smart Track.



Check the advanced kits now available with free routing pedalboards. This value packs include the pedalboard with its softcase, a PSU support and a Tidy Cables pack. All you need to build a complete pedalboard from day one. BUY ONE!

Let us know if you need additional assistance. CONTACT

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