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Cable management: Keep cables tidy and organized for a neat pedalboard

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There are two main components you will need to build the best pedalboard for your needs: stompboxes and cables. At Aclam Guitars we believe that having a neat wiring will improve failure detection and will help attain the best possible effects pedal chain for your setup. Cable management is something to consider, so at Aclam Guitars we have designed cable organizers that can easily accomplish that purpose: the Tidy Cables and Tidy Cables Duo




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Tidy Cables: The simplest version. Clip and hold the cables you have passed through the pedalboard's grooves. 

Tidy Cables duo: Clip the cables also vertically. You can hold them in all directions.

With Aclam Guitars’ patch cables and cable management accessories you will wire your pedalboard in a neat and precise manner, allowing for a better space usage and avoiding unwanted issues due to hanging or tangled cables. Tidy cables are polypropylene clips that use the grooves of Aclam Guitars adhesive-less pedalboards to attach cables and route them in the desired direction. These cable management accessories can be reused, and they easily attach to the pedalboard. As grooves exist on both sides, you can also sort the wiring underneath the pedalboard with these cable management clips.

If you are looking for effect pedals cables, the Patch cables and the Lava Cable solder-less kit can also be properly routed using tidy cables. Aclam Guitars’ flat patch cables are easy to handle, very flexible and, thanks to the angled low-profile flat plugs, they will require less space hence more for your effects pedals. Patch cables come in different convenient sizes and will keep the signal bright along the long path that heads into the amp.

If you are thinking of purchasing an Aclam Guitars’ Smart Track® pedalboard, you might as well sort your wiring needs at the same place with some patch cables and make the most of your purchase. Pop-in some cable management accessories as well and you will have all the elements to build a functional and sturdy pedalboard. Check more information about cable management here.

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