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Risers, tiers and second levels for your pedalboard

accessories to build tiers and a second level pedalboard

Aclam Guitars’ modular approach will allow you to attach new tracks in different heights, lengths, and position on your current pedalboard, so you will not need to purchase a whole new pedalboard if your requirements rise.





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Tiered pedalboards will give you the next level in terms of pedalboard setup as you build a 2 level pedalboard, or even 3 level pedalboard if you are not afraid of heights. There are many combinations you can use to personalize your pedalboard to provide the most comfortable setup for your style.

Raise an individual track with the Upper on two-tracked pedalboards (XS2, S2 or L2) and build your tiered pedalboard. Apart from having an easier to access second row of pedals, avoiding unwanted pedal activations from pedals at the same level, it will leave a quite convenient gap between tracks to pass cables through.

In the case you have expression pedals amongst the stompboxes you want to place on the pedalboard, the Wahpper will assemble an elevated track which won’t cover the length of the pedalboard, so you have enough flat space for these pedals as well.

If you need space between tracks to place those pedals you don’t need to activate or set up, you should go for the 2 level pedalboard accessory Wahpper plus. Same concept used on the standard Wahpper, but higher to allow that extra space for the perfect tiered pedalboard.

Aclam Guitar’s tiered pedalboard accessories are easily attachable and detachable, using the modular nature of the Smart Track system. If you already have an additional track, you can also purchase just the Wahpper plus sides and build your 2 level pedalboard. The standard softcases and hardcases will be compatible with a tiered pedalboard using the Upper and the Wahpper 2 level pedalboard accessories but will not be compatible with the Wahpper plus due to its height. We are working on that!

There are many combinations you can use to achieve your tiered pedalboard, so do not hesitate to check a blog entry we did specifically talking about Aclam Guitars’ 2 level pedalboards: read it here.

Contact us if you need further instructions or you are not quite sure which tiered pedalboard or 2 level pedalboard would suit your needs.

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