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Pedalboard soft case: L2 size

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Soft Case L2


Nylon soft case for any L2 sized pedalboard

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Product description

The largest pedalboard option at Aclam also has a pedal board case designed for it, the soft case L2. Transport your packed pedalboard anywhere with this pedal board case with reinforced inner padding and loads of nylon threads guaranteeing the structural consistency. See this and other options at Aclam’s online store!  


Designed for the largest pedalboard in catalogue regardless of its fastening method. The soft case L2 will help you cope with the pedalboard’s transportation, bear in mind this pedalboard can be heavy fully loaded, so the reinforced handles and inner padding will come in handy to put up with the weight of your gear.

Made of nylon, this thermoplastic polyamide confers toughness, strength and elasticity to the pedal board case, without adding much up to the total weight of the whole pedalboard.

Including zipper and an external pocket for your important stuff, you will carry everything you need at once.


Unless you are planning to keep your pedalboard at the same place always, which is not very probable, you will probably need a pedal board case to take it with you with some safety standards.

If you know you are going to mistreat the pedalboard, it is usually dumped in the tour van, you keep dropping objects or you want to have a pedal board case that can cope more than what nylon does, check the hard case for this pedalboard model.  

All Aclam’s pedal board cases are designed to fit the specific board they where made for, no matter which Aclam accessories you have chosen to assemble, it will fit even when fully packed of pedals and accessories.

Check this and other pedal board cases at Aclam’s online store or purchase the pedalboard together with the soft case if you want to save some money. Carry your gear with no hassles using the soft case L2 and protect your treasured collection of PCBs, capacitors and circuits. Available now!

Product features

Inner dimensions
86 x 33 x 17 cm
Works with
L2 pedalboards
Worldwide shipping Worldwide shipping
Customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction

What customers think about this product?

03 Sept. 2019

Low quality

I love my L2, but this bag is cheaply made and unreliable.

1. The main zipper broke the very first time I used it — it instantly unzipped from the wrong side of the zipper head.

2. I put my board in, and lifted the bag by the shoulder strap. One end of the shoulder strap popped right out (the little ball-in-the-socket part). I will only use the handles for carrying, I guess.

3. The bag offers very little protection. It’s just nylon, almost no padding.

Not impressed.

Hello Adam!

Thank you for your product review on our website. We always welcome feedback, whether it is positive or negative. We will contact you as soon as possible in order to solve this issue.

Have a nice day!

Aclam reply on 03 Sept. 2019

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