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Pedalboard protection and transportation: soft cases & hard cases

Hardcases and softcases from aclam guitars for pedalboards

Protect your pedalboards with the Aclam Guitars' pedalboard cases options: soft case or hard case!



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With Aclam Guitars’ pedalboard soft case you can move around comfortably with the basic protection you will need. With its reinforced inner paddings avoid harming your pedals and use the convenient shoulder strap the pedalboard soft case comes with. Pedalboard soft cases are made of nylon and come in all the pedalboard’s standard sizes. Use the front pocket to store those accessories that you must take with you. The lightest way to move around is the pedalboard soft case.

If you need a bit more than simple protection, as your gear tends to be tossed into vans or you travel by plane with your pedalboard, Aclam Guitars’ pedalboard hard case will give you that extra protection you need to make sure it will survive the beating. Made of wood and an anodized aluminum structure, the pedalboard hard case has a protective foam interior that will grant the effects pedals safety. With a removable top cover, you will not need to take the pedalboard out of the structure at any time. Pedalboard hard case tend to be heavier than the pedalboard soft case, but Aclam Guitars’ pedalboard hard case has been designed to increase the weight only the right amount, so it doesn’t increase the weight that much in an already heavy rig.

Most of the accessories are totally compatible with Aclam Guitars’ pedalboard soft case or pedalboard hard case, except for the Wahpper Plus, which is too high for these current case options available, but you can use it normally with the Upper and the Wahpper.

Hard cases are available for the two largest standard sizes, which are the S2 pedalboards and L2 pedalboards. You can find bundled prices of each pedalboard with its corresponding case options. Not sure what to choose? Contact us if you need assistance!

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