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The Woman Tone Effect Pedal · The sunshine of your tone

The Woman Tone

A tribute to Eric Clapton’s epic sound during his Cream days


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¡Get the Woman Tone in a box! The Woman Tone is a guitar pedal capable of reproducing Clapton’s main overdriven sound, emphasizing frequencies to match Eric’s own 1964 Gibson, without having to reach any control with the hands and that can be used on any guitar and pickup combination. Achieve Eric Clapton’s unique tone with your own rig!


  • Eric Clapton’s Cream sound put in a box!

We’ve distilled the key elements that shaped Eric’s rig and bottled them inside an stompbox that will let you reproduce his unique rhythmic and solo tones! Using both live and studio recordings of Cream, we’ve fine tuned this pedal to be the closest possible to the one you can hear on the records.

  • Custom humbucker pickup simulation circuit and tone control

We’ve incorporated a pickup simulation circuit reproducing the tonal characteristics of a P.A.F style pickup. This circuit has a buffered input so it will not load or affect the guitar signal. It also has the advantage that it’ll let you put compressors, fuzzes or whatever effect you want in front of the Woman Tone and it will retain its original characteristics.

  • Touch sensitive plexi-inspired overdrive using discrete components

A truly powerful overdrive with a great British character! It has been designed with “blues-rock” in mind, but perfectly suitable for any guitar player seeking a vintage silky tone.

  • Artwork by The Fool’s Marijke Koger Dutch artist

Marijke Koger, creator for the art of Eric Clapton’s Gibson SG “The Fool '', accepted designing a unique artistic interpretation of the Woman Tone. We gave her total freedom to paint whatever she felt the Woman Tone pedal should be represented on canvas and she exceeded our expectations!

  • Smart Track® Fastening System

All our pedals use a custom enclosure designed to perfectly match our Smart Track® pedalboards. Using the side thumb screws you’ll be able to safely lock the stompbox into one of our pedalboards. It was also designed to fit the other pedalboard options in the market









424g (0.93 lb)
13,7 x 8,8 x 5,5 cm (5.4” x 3.4” x 2.2”) with knobs
1 x Anti-sliding rubber pad & 1 x Velcro® pad
9V DC Center Negative 40mA minimum
Current Draw
Relay True Bypass

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Vintage effect, feel like im in the 60s ;)

- 13 Dec. 2023

Big Sound and Tone

So, I love the Dr. Robert pedal, a wicked amount of gain yet somehow whisper quiet. So I definitely thought it was worth taking a shot on the Woman Tone pedal. I love it even more. Yes it is whisper quiet too. I am not sure how this is even possible, we are taught in the USA if we want gain it will come with lots of noise/hiss. I no longer believe this to be true. Anyway, this pedal is great, it sounds like a big amp behind me is cranked, except there is not. Just mind blowing sounds. Again, a special product without a peer. Very cool, amazing work!

- 17 Sept. 2023


For all around badass rock and dirty blues, this Woman Tone is really amazing. In combination with my Fender Deluxe amp and Les Paul gold top guitar, it’s not only great sounding but the setup is really responsive and makes you dig in and play. Delightful.

- 03 May 2023

The woman tone is like a bearded rainbow!

Eric Clapton’s PAF pickups in his Gibson into a Marshall amp is one of my favourite guitar tones. This pedal conjures up the thick, mysterious dark tone that is Clapton’s woman tone. I’ve kept in on since it arrived a few days ago. And with a stylus design by one of the Dutch artists who painted Clapton’s SG, it looks pretty, and stylish. Adjust the knobs, and you’ll hear it’s more than a one trick pony as it gives you distortion that isn’t overbearing.

- 23 Dec. 2022


From the first day I took delivery of TWT I have thoroughly enjoyed it! While at this point I am solely a home practice guitarist (after a 25 year layoff) with an all tube practice amp, this pedal gives me a complete range of sounds - from the overdrive to its namesake tone. My guitars have different pickups in them and regardless I get intriguing versions of the woman tone. Aclam Guitars advertising is spot on! This pedal gives me the extra "boost" I need to practice every day. Well done, Aclam!

- 12 Dec. 2022

The cream of the crop

As a home player these days,this pedal ticks every box for me to get the authentic woman tone at home volume levels. There have been other pedals in the past that have tried to capture this unique tone without setting up a 100w plexi in the front room but the aclam nails it ! I have had it for a couple of months and it's a joy to plug in and attempt to play steppin out.
Aside from the woman tone this a great overdrive in it's own right. I also have the Windmiller and that is a fantastic pedal too. Aclams 1st class build quality and scientific dedication to capturing these until now these until now iconic elusive tones is amazing. I highly reccomend the Woman tone !

- 02 Oct. 2022

No internal battery??? You must be joking!

This pedal has plenty of real estate devoted to a pedal attachment system I have never seen used by anyone,.

BUT, it has no room inside for a 9V battery, which nearly everyone uses?

They claim they took input from "players"??

Well, after over 45 years of playing at jams around the world, I cannot recall ever seeing anyone use a wall-wart to hook up their pedal.

Why? Because they would be told to leave, for taking too much time, for making everyone else wait.


Thanks for your feedback!

The absence of battery is already specified in the product’s description where we specify the power requirements are a 9V DC Center negative 40mA minimum.

As we already stated via mail, if you're not happy with the product you have a 30-day period after receiving the order to request a return with no cost for you ????.

However, if you decide to keep it, we hope you enjoy it regardless of the inconveniences.

Aclam Team

Aclam reply on 30 Sept. 2022
- 30 Sept. 2022

Another miracle pedal from aclam.

This pedal does exactly what it says it does. The woman tone. I have been searching for this tone for years. Another amazing pedal. Just like my dr roberts and windmiller. Awesome. Thank you Aclam.

- 22 July 2022

The Woman Tone Pedal Rocks

This pedal is simply outstanding—it is amazingly innovative and fun to use. The idea for this pedal was ingenius!

- 20 July 2022

The Woman Tone or The King's Tone

My Aclam Woman Tone Pedal came in the other day. When I heard about it I just put in my order right away based on my experience with Aclam using the Dr Robert pedal and their pedalboard which I own both. The pedal is actually a PAF/Marshall in a box. It was two modes: Fool PAF (Tone on 10)/Marshall and Fool PAF (with Tone pot)/Marshall with extra gain. They nailed the Fool SG/Marshall sound. I was blown away. Live Spoonful, nailed, live Crossroads the same. Also Sunshine if Your Love/Disraeli Gears. This was all done using the Woman Tone Pedal with a Les Paul through a TMTR.

I compared the Woman Tone Pedal Knob on 0 versus using the Tone control on my guitar. The pedal had that sound in spades verses my guitar Tone control. I was surprised at the difference. So now I have two 0 Tone Control sounds, the pedal and my guitar. The sound of the Woman Tone Knob on 10 and the Woman Tone Knob out of the circuit is the same except that the Woman Tone Knob on has more gain.

If you are into Clapton's Cream era sound, this Pedal is a must have. I thought I had the sound already, but there are a lot of nuances that this Pedal had. I have no connections with Aclam other than being a very happy customer. I'm saving up for a second pedal.

- 18 July 2022

Stunning. Simply stunning.

Woman Tone first day quick review - It does exactly what it says on the tin and gives you Cream era Clapton that dials in effortlessly. Works great with single coils, mini-humbuckers, Ric toasters and wide range humbuckers. Very much a PAF into a Plexi tone with wiggle room either side. I nailed Mike Bloomfields Electric Flag tones yesterday too. Stacks very well with other gain pedals, worked beautifully with a treble boost. Not tried the dip switch yet. I'm still in the honeymoon period but this is my 3rd Aclam pedal for a reason.

- 04 July 2022