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The Mocker

Based on the Vox UL730 built-in fuzz effect



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An expanded rendition of the iconic VOX UL730 series fuzz circuit. Excitingly, we've uncovered a new batch of original N.O.S Phillips OA200, ensuring an authentic vintage experience for even more enthusiasts. This dedication to genuine vintage components remains steadfast, continuing our journey with The Mocker.


Faithful replica of our VOX UL730 (S/N 3042) internal fuzz circuit

New Old Stock OA200 diodes, same used in the VOX UL series

Bias and Tone controls for a wide range of fuzz tones

Grey Hammerite finish; a tribute to the 60's British fuzzboxes

Graphics inspired on the lead tones from 'Sgt. Peppers' album

Smart Track® Fastening System








410g. (0.90 lb)
13,7 x 8,8 x 5,5cm (5.4” x 3.4” x 2.2”) with knobs
1 x Anti-sliding rubber pad & 1 x Velcro® pad
9V DC Center Negative 50mA minimum
Current Draw
True bypass

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Sixties Magic!

My favourite Beatles era was 1965-68.
My favourite Beatles album is “Revolver”. The songs and production were amazing. This is where Pop music became an art form.
The Mocker pedal by Aclam, is amazing.

- 06 July 2024

Absolutely amazing fuzz tone, superb build quality and great service!

I'm absolutely delighted with this Aclam Mocker fuzz pedal and the fuzz sounds it produces. I previously had one of those round 'mini' fuzz pedals by another well-known manufacturer, but I was never entirely happy with it - the fuzz was too 'raspy' for my liking, whereas the Mocker's tone is just right, and one can 'fine-tune' the sound with the tone & bias controls. The sound of the mocker is superb - highly recommended!

- 09 May 2024


The mocker is definitely my favorite pedal I own at the moment, the tones are beautifully beatle-esque !

- 09 May 2024

Awesome pedal

This pedal is amazing and sounds every bit as good as it looks. It’s almost surprising how many good tones you can get from the tone and bias knobs and not just Beatles sounds. It can create almost violin tones, but it can also be very aggressive. It’s also loud enough for any situation. All the controls are totally useable across their whole range. The only downside for me is the size of the enclosure. It’s pretty big, but it sounds so good that I’m willing to sacrifice other pedals to keep this one on my board.

- 05 May 2024

Muy contento con el tono que brinda el pedal

En verdad no me soprendió que cumpla tan bien ya que tengo el Dr. Robert y sabía ya de la calidad de los pedales que fabrica ACLAM. El primer par de días lo probé buscando la mejor ubicación en mi cadena de pedales, ya que según donde lo ubiques, puede generar algo de ruido, pero es normal en un fuzz. Hoy por hoy está ubicado al comienzo de la cadena de efectos y es donde he encontrado su mejor performance. 100% sonido 66-67. Hasta los feedback son increíbles. Gran pedal, gran trabajo equipo de ACLAM. Estoy muy contento con la compra. Ah!! lo compré un lunes y el viernes ya lo tenía en casa, muy rápida la entrega a pesar de que estoy en otro continente.

- 01 May 2024

Great for Bass, Too

If you are looking for a “Think For Yourself” bass fuzz, here it is. I have found several close contenders, but this one can nail it. The first fuzz with a musically useful Bias pot. I love The Mocker for guitar as well. It is a no-brainer companion for your Dr. Robert as well. Your ears have been waiting this one

- 01 May 2024

Best Fuzz ever!

Really sounds like guitars from Sgt Pepper (Good Morning Good Morning solo, Stg pepper's intro etc..) I really enjoy my Mocker :)

- 01 May 2024


Sounds fantastic even when I screw up!!

- 05 Apr. 2024

Great Beatles Fuzz

This is a great fuzz pedal all by itself but it pairs wonderfully with my Dr. Robert pedal to get all those great Beatle sounds.

- 10 Dec. 2023

The Mocker!!!!

Awesome pedal. I am so glad I bought this. Does the Beatles sound and so much more!

- 03 Dec. 2023

Definitive fuzz pedal for Beatles maniacs.

The ul730 fuzz in a little box, sound wonderful with every kind of pickup. If you’re searching for a Beatles fuzz sound, this is the right one.

- 28 Nov. 2023

A Special One

This pedal is so special!

- 28 Nov. 2023

Aclam does it again.

Another fantastic pedal from aclam. Does exactly what it is supposed to and gives you authentic tones you can’t get anywhere else. Gives me the Sgt. Pepper’s tone I’ve been wanting for years. Don’t listen to the trolls who say you can get these authentic sounds with your amp and plain old effects boxes. With Acalm you get the exact tones you want from one expertly designed pedal. The quality is also beyond compare. Thank you Aclam.

- 27 Nov. 2023

Wicked Fuzz Pedal!

The guys at Atclam now their game. Having bought and added a Doctor Robert to my pedalboard before, the Mocker doesn’t disappoint at all! It’s a great fuzz unit that is of course designed and capable of bringing you that distinctive St.Pepper's fuzz tones. But apart from that this pedal is capable of so much more! The cleanup with the guitar's volume knob is absolutely amazing. Wicked and cool looking pedal, thank you so much ✌????.

- 27 Nov. 2023
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- 26 Nov. 2023