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Summer NAMM 2019: Aclam pedals exhibited at the Boutique effects pedal showcase booth! | Aclam Guitars
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Summer NAMM 2019: Aclam pedals exhibited at the Boutique effects pedal showcase booth!

Dr. Robert & Cinnamon Drive will be at booth Nº 1359

The Summer NAMM Show: Nashville gets ready for the music industry!

Anyone with a little interest in music gear knows that the NAMM Show is the biggest event in the music industry. Every year, many brands gather in Los Angeles to present their brand-new products and music-workers from around the world go on a pilgrimage to be the first-to-know and the first-to-try! There is the common saying that NAMM actually means: “Not Available Maybe May” (instead of the official National Association of Music Merchants), as some products presented at the winter NAMM Show might have had some loose ends to tie, finally becoming ready for the Summer NAMM!

When summer arrives, half-year after the NAMM Show, the center of attention moves from Los Angeles to Nashville which, despite being quite smaller in size than its bigger brother, it’s still an interesting show with great surprises and iconic brands.

How does Aclam and other small companies from around the world attend the Summer NAMM 2019?

For smaller companies from outside the States it is quite tricky to attend the show, but that won’t keep us out of it.

That’s it: one year after the official launch of the Cinnamon Drive, two pedals will cross the pond thanks to the communal booth presented by BIG EAR pedals: “The Boutique effects pedal showcase”.

Thanks to their efforts, for three years running, they have created one of the busiest booths in the show, where more than 150 pedals from companies from around the world coexist: 1981 inventions, BIG EAR pedals, Chase Bliss Audio, Keeley Electronics, Meris…

Go try the Dr. Robert and Cinnamon Drive at the Boutique Effects Pedal Showcase.

Aclam at Summer NAMM 2019: Booth Nº 1359

Displayed on their own brand of pedalboards, Aclam pedals will be on the larger stations featuring mixed pedalboards showcasing individual pedals from many other brands. So, if you are attending this Summer NAMM show 2019, don’t miss the opportunity to test the Dr. Robert and the Cinnamon Drive pedals.

We are not going to be there unfortunately, but if you do, we will be happy if you let us know!

Oh…and please, remember to grab some promotional items (but don’t sell them on eBay after the show :P)

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