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Artist Interviews: Jon Carin | Aclam Guitars
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Artist Interviews: Jon Carin


Jon Carin


Define you and your music in just a sentence:

My music is electric, acoustic, electrostatic, vibrational, emotional & in harmony with the laws of the universe. I am some & none of those things some of the time


Who inspired you to make music? 

My family, The Beatles, the music of the 1960’s, ‘70’s & ‘80’s & then the ‘20’s, ‘30’s, 40’s & ‘50’s, sort of in that order. 


Do you believe in practice or innate talent? 

Sure. But I NEVER want to hear a musician who sounds like they practice. EVER.


How has Covid-19 affected to you directly and how do you think it will affect to the music industry in the near future?

It has raised my blood pressure from worrying about the people I love & has prevented me from earning a living. It has also provided a wonderful opportunity to reset the planet & the goon squad running it so we can live the lives we were designed to live, in harmony with each other instead of having hatred & fear shoved down our throats to turn us into unhealthy, blithering, bickering, brainwashed sheep. All of this will positively impact the music industry, along with a vaccine.


What are you working in right now? 

Roger Waters lockdown recordings & videos, and clearing my desk of my own music. And ordering groceries remotely for our wonderful elderly family members.


What would your perfect rig be like? 

Like a mid-century hi-fi cabinet with valve audio gear & one of those little bars built into it.


Which songs do you sing in the shower?

Wave by David Sylvian or Sign On The Window by Bob Dylan depending on water temperature & pressure. 


Your best creation vs your worst creation?

Best - my last batch of pesto.

Worst - the ginger snap cookies I tried to make for my wife’s grandfather.


Have you ever been jailed in a Turkish prison?

You wouldn’t be interviewing me if I hadn’t.


Which are the first, the last, and the next concert you will attend? 

First - George Harrison / Ravi Shankar 1974 - Nassau Coliseum

Last - Bob Dylan - November 2019 - Beacon Theater

Next - Only The Shadow knows.


Who would you share stage with if you had the chance? Why?

Kate Bush. Because she is directly plugged in to the giant machine in the sky that gives us chills. .


What would you have liked to be if you hadn’t become a musician?

An independently wealthy traveling farmer.


What’s the most awkward situation you have experienced during a performance?

Throwing up into a bucket onstage, while playing, during a Dave Gilmour show at L’Olympia in Paris. I won’t reveal why.


Name a musician you would have loved to meet and haven’t

Lindsey Buckingham, Mississippi John Hurt, Paramahansa Yogananda .


You have to choose a record to take to a desert island. Which one would you choose?

All Things Must Pass - George Harrison


Which was the first record you purchased with your own money?

The White Album ( I lie, it was my mother’s money, but I was three & I made her buy it ).


Talk us about your upcoming projects and what are your next plans!

Roger Waters - This Is Not A Drill Tour Whenever the bug lets us do it. And the slow release of my own music.

Know more about Jon Carin at the Aclam artists page

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