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Fast fastener: Faster set-up to attach your effects pedals


Fast Fastener

Upgrade your Smart Track® pedalboard with the new fasteners. Choose your quantity!

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Product description

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Aclam has enhanced the Fastener system allowing a quicker and simpler pedalboard setup. With the Fast Fastener you will experience the quickest attaching method for your adhesive-less pedalboard, thanks to the fastener quick release mechanism, consisting of a lever and cam where the flat screw head used to be. Use it for those effects pedals that are constantly being changed on your rig and forget about having to carry a screwdriver. The quick release Fastener can be purchased in individual quantities so you can decide the necessary number according to your needs. Available now, we ship worldwide!


One of the main concerns regarding Aclam’s fastening system, which avoids the use of hook and loop or nasty adhesives that will mark your effects pedals forever, is the convenience of having to carry a screwdriver around in case a pedal change must be made. Aclam’s quick release fastener aka Fast Fastener will reduce the time needed to attach your pedals alongside allowing to secure them with your musician tools, your fingers.


To attain the quick release fastener, a stainless-steel cam and follower connect to the polyamide lever which will lock the hammer to the pedalboard once pressed. With a simple movement you will attach your pedals as securely as the traditional Fastener but spending less time and not needing additional tools.


Due to its internal mechanism, these quick release fasteners will be ideal for those pedals that you replace more often, so you can combine them with standard Fasteners for those pedals that are a must have on your board and you know that you will not be needing to replace anytime soon. Or you can use only Fast Fasteners, it is up to you!

Fast fasteners are available with black or red levers and the size is the same as the standard version.

Know more

Aclam’s fast fasteners are a solution for those pedal spots you are constantly rethinking, providing a quicker and more efficient way of setting up your pedalboard. With the same sturdiness as the original, these quick release fasteners will broaden your possibilities and reduce the time spent attaching your favorite stompboxes to your board. Combine them with your current fasteners or even upgrade your standard Fasteners to Fast Fastener using the Fast Fastener AdaptorContact us if you need more info!

Product features

Works with
Smart Track® pedalboards
Fastener dimensions
2.7 x 2.2 x 2.2 cm (1" x 0.86" x 0.86")
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What customers think about this product?

01 June 2023


What a great find. These are amazing. Keep my pedals secure and in pristine shape with no adhesive residue or tape.

10 Nov. 2021

Great improvement

Fast Fastener is much easier to use than the classic one. Pedal fixation is way quicker.

03 Nov. 2021

Pedal subjugation is great!

Conceptualization behind the product is genius.

09 July 2021
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30 Apr. 2021

Aclam pedalboard fasteners

Love these new twist to lock fasteners! Look great and makes pedal changes quick!
Makes a great pedalboard even better... thank you!

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