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Smart nut - Custom pedalboard spare parts

Smart nut

Spare Smart nuts. Choose the quantity you need.


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Buy the spare parts for Aclam’s pedalboards here. Don’t worry if you have lost or broken an element of the pedalboard, you can now replace it with ease having a look at the spare part section of Aclam’s online store.

The smart nut is the element that assembles the pedalboard system together, from the pedalboard to the related accessories. Check it now!


Aclam’s pedalboards are formed by many bits and pieces that assemble into these sturdy pedalboard systems. You can now purchase them separately to replace misplaced or broken parts of your board.


The smart nut is made of injected plastic with a nut in its core. Its special shape ensures a steady lock of the elements that are put together, such as fasteners, adjustable feet, side guides, accessories. All the parts forming the pedalboard use smart nuts to assemble.

Loosing or damaging a component of your Aclam pedalboard isn’t an issue, just choose the part you need and replace it on your board. Don’t forget to contact us if you are hesitant about the part you need. We ship worldwide!


Select the quantity you need

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Pedal board accessories

The products are great. Aclam boards are customizable and quality. The customer support and attention to detail has been fantastic. A special thank you to Josh at Aclam for great service.

- 04 May 2024


Strong, and built to last!

- 17 July 2022