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Cable management won't be a nightmare anymore! | Aclam Guitars

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Cable management won't be a nightmare anymore!

You’ve found the pedalboard of your dreams, you managed yourself to set everything up, you even found a spot for that Wah-wah pedal and the power supply you bought that day, when you spent the whole afternoon in your neighborhood’s music shop.

Do you think you’ve gone by the hardest part? You’ll be puzzled for a while trying to find out how to keep the cables steady and tidy. Configuring your pedalboard’s cabling may seem easy, but a simple slip can spoil all your rig.

3 reasons to keep your pedalboard tidy

  • An badly connected cable setup or simply too much spare cable lying around won’t give you the desired sound and may result in interferences or an unwanted tone.
  • Your pedalboard and pedals are in risk of moving or, even worse, falling when moving the set. Imagine those messy cables getting wrapped around your foot in the midst of a performance. What a nightmare!
  • The more pedals configured, the higher chance of them moving more than wished. That’s why it’s important to keep them well attached; otherwise, the connections between your pedals and the power supply could result damaged. 

Having seen some risks of not having cables well organized on your pedalboard, you should’ve got the message of how important it is to have everything well settled and attached, and let’s be honest, a tidy setup will always improve playing efficiency.

How to manage pedal cables in your pedalboard?

Once more the Internet is a gold mine of solutions thought by creative musicians who have got to this point before you have. And again, solutions are so imaginative:

  • Cable ties or scotch tape are some of the more used solutions but there are many more. All of them can be used above or underneath the pedalboard. On the other hand, we’ll get to the point we were mentioning before: what do we do with cable ties that are visible or adhesives that make our pedals dirty? 
  • All Aclam Guitars pedalboards have the option of using the pedalboard's grooves to keep cables out of sight with Tidy Cables accessory. It is a staple that doesn’t require any adhesives or screws and you can use it in both above or underneath your Smart Track pedalboard.
Tidy cables have become a must-have accessory if you want to keep your pedalboard tidy and clean

Tidy cables accessory

How to manage cables with tidy cables aclam

This cable management solution has been designed by Aclam to keep your cables in place. You can take advantage of the pedalboard's grooves to keep your cables tidy and hidden. These little pieces made of polypropylene grant durability and can be placed and removed as many times as you need! Keep your cables in place, with an easy clip movement.

Tidy cables - aclam accessoryCable management pedalboard tidy - Aclam accessories
Tidy Cables aclam cable management
If you are thinking about routing the cables vertically, keep reading and take a look at the Tidy Cables Duo option.

Tidy cables DUO

Tidy cables duo - Aclam Guitars pedalboard accessory

The Tidy Cables Duo will clip vertical cables too, so you can keep tidy in all directions. There's a subtle difference with the standard Tidy Cables, which is this clip on the top that will let you hold the cables in a 90º degree angle. Quickly detect pedalboard issues with your cables organized and protect your sound chain as much as you can!

Tidy cables duo - accessory for aclam guitars pedalboardAclam tidy cables on pedalboard
Tidy cables duo - accessory packaging aclam

Tidy cables pack

Tidy Cables pack - Aclam pedalboard cable management accessory

Get your Tidy Cables Pack now!

Manage your cables and save money at the same time with this tidy cables combined pack. Get 5 Tidy Cables and 5 Tidy Cables Duo in one package, you will need them! 

Tidy cables pack accessory user review aclam guitars

Need to know more about accessories that can help you configure your pedalboard? Visit our shop and set yours as your pedals deserve!

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