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News, trends and tips about pedals and pedalboards

At Aclam we like to learn new stuff related to our passion for music. Just like you, we browse the net searching for novelties, seeking answers to how a piece of gear works, reviews of new proposals from our favorite brands and professional tips from our praised guitar heroes. We are constantly collaborating with our endorsers and have great partners with years of expertise in the industry, mainly pedal and amp builders, who provide a fair amount of useful knowledge for our hungry minds.

So, this blog will feature tips, news, trends and other matters that may result helpful and, hopefully, enjoyable. From pedalboard setups to effects pedal components, we will try to suggest the best pedal order possible to make the most of your gear, explain the difference between true bypass and buffered effects, and much more!

Take a look at the different categories and find your preferred topic.

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Everything You Need To Know About Smart Track® pedalboards | Aclam Guitars
Here's a list of some of the most important reasons to get a Smart Track® pedalboard. The first and most important reason is that iIt keeps your pedals 100% adhesive free. Keep reading to know more!
Design and build your custom pedalboard step by step | Aclam Guitars
How to build a custom pedalboard step by step? Define the pedalboard dimensions, define side length and tracks models. Think about a flat or an adjustable and slanted pedalboard, define the fastening method for your effects pedals, and build it!
New Tidy Cables and Power Supply support for Smart and Evo Track pedalboards | Aclam Guitars
Having heard all the comments and suggestions from our followers, customers and distributors (thank you all for your feedback), we have
We interview Julián Saldarriaga, guitarist of Love of Lesbian | Aclam Guitars
The Spanish indie group Love of Lesbian is already the soundtrack of a whole generation of young people and has already traveled half the
How to mount the power supply to a pedalboard? VIDEO! | Aclam Guitars
Learn which is the best way to mount and hold the power supply on your pedalboard using the aclam accessories.
Cable management won't be a nightmare anymore! | Aclam Guitars
You’ve found the pedalboard of your dreams, you managed yourself to set everything up, you even found a spot for that Wah pedal and the
To use VELCRO® or to not use VELCRO®? That is the pedalboard's dilemma | Aclam Guitars
Why using an alternative to Velcro to attach your effects pedals to your pedalboard? Is there a reliable velcro alternative or velcro-less pedalboard that works? Everything you need to know to decide the best way to attach effects pedals to your pedalboard!
5 things your didn't know about Smart Track fasteners | Aclam Guitars
What makes Smart Track pedalboard your perfect option to keep your effects pedals tidy is Fasteners’ technology. These little accessories
The evolution of Aclam’s custom pedalboards | Aclam Guitars
Everything you didn’t know about Aclam pedalboards (and didn’t ask for). From the Modular Track pedalboard release until the complete custom pedalboard system by Aclam. The final result? Modularity, Smart fastening system & reversibility all in one pedalboard.
Why a pedalboard? (Part 3) | Aclam Guitars
Entering the 21st century! As we have seen through the history of pedals, a new decade leads to a new era in the guitar world. The nineties
Why a pedalboard? (Part 2) | Aclam Guitars
And the eighties came! Although the effects industry was in good health, the eighties became a boom for most manufacturers. THE NEW
Why a pedalboard? (Part 1) | Aclam Guitars
Nowadays, in what could be considered as the stompbox Golden Era, this might be a silly question. There are plenty of options and
Marcos Deker presents Smart Track pedalboard | Aclam Guitars
“My pedalboard’s setup? It is something which is always evolving. The Fasteners system helps me to alternate effects pedals depending on who
Will Smart Track fasten my pedal? | Aclam Guitars
Nowadays you can find a vast amount of different types and models of pedals to cover a huge range of possibilities to meet every single need
Jordi Martínez presents Smart Track | Aclam Guitars
“The system with Fasteners avoids that uncomfortable situation when you open your pedalboard case, after having spent a whole summer day
The secret to choose your pedalboard’s size (2024) | Aclam Guitars
Which is the best pedalboard size for you? Read the ultimate guide and get your perfect pedalboard!

Hope you enjoy the read, and feel free to suggest a topic for us to cover and we will find the right person to shed light on the matter. From preferred pedalboard setups to the insides of a vintage amp, if you have a concern let us know and we will do our best to get that piece of information for you.

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