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A Funny Gift for Little Rockers

Crying Tone Baby Body Suit

Available in blue and yellow

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The "Crying Tone" Baby Bodysuit is the ultimate choice for music-loving parents who want their babies to look stylish and have some fun.

This short-sleeve bodysuit boasts a unique design with an image of a guitar effect pedal and a potentiometer to "adjust the baby's crying tone," making it a fun choice for children of musician parents and guitar enthusiasts. This bodysuit is available in two charming colors: sunny yellow and sky blue, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your baby's style.

Crafted from sturdy and eco-friendly materials, this bodysuit has a weight of 200 g/m² and is made from 100% organic cotton (85% organic cotton and 15% viscose in the case of heather gray).

The shoulder seams are double-folded for easy dressing and undressing, especially handy when you need to change your baby quickly. The three crotch closure buttons are made of nickel-free metal, ensuring your little one's comfort and safety.

Available Sizes:

  • Size 56 (0-1 Months)
  • Size 68 (3-6 Months)
  • Size 80 (7-12 Months)

Lastly, it's important to note that although our store primarily focuses on guitar accessories, we've specially created this product for parents who want their babies to share their passion for music. Just like our popular "AB/CD" book, this baby bodysuit is a unique and fun addition to our product catalog.

Make your baby part of the family band with the "Crying Tone" Baby Bodysuit!

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