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Pedal pad: Spare parts for your effects pedals

Pedal pad

Rubber or VELCRO® pedal pad for your Aclam effect pedal. Extra part.

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Aclam’s pedal pad has been designed specifically for the custom-made effects pedal chassis used in our stompboxes. Choose the strong Velcro® or rubber option at your convenience and keep the effects pedal in place! Check Aclam’s pedal gear now, we ship worldwide!


One factor that should characterize pedal gear is versatility and the ability to give solutions for different scenarios.

If you own any of the classic Velcro® pedalboard options flooding the market, choose the strong Velcro® pad and forget about wobbly pedals.

In case you are one of those who can’t be bothered to use a pedalboard, no worries, with the rubber option you can make sure the pedal won’t be sliding around once you tread on it.

Finally, you could consider checking our Smart Track® pedalboard range, as the effects pedals we produce come with an in-built fastener which will attach to the pedalboard without any waste of space, no adhesives nor strong Velcro® that one can’t tear apart without some effort.     


Both the strong Velcro® and the rubber pad options have been pre-cut in a rectangular shape which fits perfectly on the base of Aclam’s effects pedals. You won’t even have to cut it, which could have ended in some kind of finger injury, you’re welcome!

All bits and pieces for Aclam’s pedal and pedalboard gear can be found at the custom accessory section. You can’t find a specific part you need? Contact us and we will sort it out!

Buy the pedal pad for Aclam’s effects pedals if you need to keep your pedal safe and attached. Choose between strong Velcro® or anti-slip rubber and complete your pedal gear! Check this and other pedal gear and custom parts at Aclam’s online store, we ship worldwide!


Rubber or Velcro®
Works with
Aclam effects pedals
1 pad

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- 06 March 2020