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Smart keyring: the tool to attach your pedals

Smart keyring

Keyring with double bit for smart users


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Product description

The most portable device to secure the Smart Track® pedalboard fasteners. With this smart keyring forget about carrying around screwdrivers to arrange the best pedal order.


This practical mini functional tool has been designed to be carried around with ease. Use it to attach your effects pedals on Smart Track® pedalboards, accessing the insides of your effects pedals and for many other tasks.


The smart keyring silicone body, steel tips and a high-quality ring that goes through the main body it will allow an effortless and solid grip and torque.

This smart accessory was manufactured in Germany and measures 55x35x14mm with a total weight of 5gr.


To make it short, many users have shared the restlessness caused by the possibility of forgetting to carry a screwdriver for eventual fastener adjustments; so, said and done! No more concerns, Aclam has delivered in the form of a smart keyring!

At Aclam we like to take into consideration all the customer feedback we receive as it has been the most effective way we’ve had to improve our products since we started some years ago. We encourage you to contact us and share you experience, as we are open to customize and review our products if the proposal makes sense.

Stop complaining about having to carry a screw driver to manage your Smart Track pedalboard® layout. With this smart accessory, that can be attached to any of Aclam’s softcase options through the zipper’s puller orifice, or can be simply stored in the outside pocket, you won’t have to worry about having to change the pedal order under any circumstance.

Product features

5 gr.
Steel & silicone
55 x 35 x 14 mm
Bit 1
Bit 2
Phillips (PH1)

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