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Will Smart Track fasten my pedal? | Aclam Guitars

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Will Smart Track fasten my pedal?

pedal effects guitar

Nowadays you can find a vast amount of different types and models of pedals to cover a huge range of possibilities to meet every single need a musician may have, in order to give personality to whatever it’s created. The guitar effects pedals are another tool, like the guitar itself, and that’s why it’s necessary to pay special attention to the type of fastening system you choose for your pedalboard related to your needs. It doesn’t have to be a complicated decision, you are always on time to change your pedalboard’s brand, keep improving and getting to know your needs better. However, adapting the old system to a newer one sometimes may become a psychological barrier: will it hold this rare pedal I’ve got? What do I do with the power supply? Can I enlarge my pedalboard given the moment?

Remember that our Smart Track pedalboard’s system allows the possibility of attaching your guitar effects pedals with not adhesives nor cable ties needed. Many questions take place when it comes to value a new system. One of the most asked is:

Will it hold this awesome pedal I have?

We’ve been working into the 5 types of pedals most asked about in terms of being able to be held by our Smart Track pedalboard. All of them have special characteristics related to their shape, size or weight. And the answer for all of them is: yes! Smart Track pedalboard holds them with no need to make a hole in them nor sticking them or else, you only need Fasteners.

  • Wahwah and other expression pedals: they are big and have a distinctive feature shape, which may lead to some doubts about Fasteners’ capability to hold them due to their uniform surface. For this kind of pedals, we strongly recommend using Fasteners 360º, they guarantee a secure fastening.

  • Digitech Whammy: this effects pedal that modifies the tuning and pitch of your guitar is big and so useful depending on what song you are playing, but also heavy and bulky. You probably will be thinking about leaving it outside your rig, but then you wouldn’t have it near. Why giving it up? Fasteners also are able to hold it in your definite set. We only recommend using 3 Fasteners on each side to ensure it.

  • Fuzz Face Dunlop: its round shape is its main characteristic, as characteristic as the sound it gives to your most rocking themes, but also this pedal is the one that may have you questioning the Smart Track system. It is specially for this kind of pedals that Fasteners 360º are so perfect because they have the ability to rotate in order to hold as most surface as possible and secure it.

  • Strymon Bluesky: this guitar effects pedal has an especially soft surface that feels great when you touch it, but it gets so difficult having it properly attached to the pedalboard since it gets slippery or its finish can end up compromised. The anti-slipping surface makes our Fasteners so reliable to solve this kind of troubles and they are able to guarantee a safe and durable fastening without leaving any traces on your beloved pedal. And Reverb it up with no fear!

  • Boss ES-8 and controllers: a challenging one, they are also big, heavy and extremely useful. In this case, we also get to the same point as before: what about leaving it outside the pedalboard? It’s not necessary at all since Fasteners can be placed in each side in order to keep it safe and sound... and properly attached to the pedalboard. 

Smart Track pedalboards are available in different sizes and they include also different accessories to customize your guitar pedalboard according to your needs. Don’t forget visiting our online shop and write to us if you have any further questions.

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