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Marcos Deker presents Smart Track pedalboard | Aclam Guitars

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Marcos Deker presents Smart Track pedalboard

marcos deker pedal board

“My pedalboard’s setup? It is something which is always evolving. The Fasteners system helps me to alternate effects pedals depending on who I am playing with at the time; I always have some of them which are permanent and others that may vary”.

Marcos Deker, professional musician, is one of those guitarists who is always changing his set and is also aware of the latest releases related to guitars and effects; and his professional trajectory is not for less: during the last months, he has produced Xenia Nuñez’s latest LP, ‘Serendipia’ which will be released next 18h November and has been preparing the live album for singer Rafa Pons, much admired by Deker as well.

As if that were not enough, he is also rehearsing the final tour concert of Spanish indie band Dorian, who have sold out all of their 4 dates in Madrid and Barcelona. “I am so happy to be a part of many beautiful projects” Marcos proudly states.

How is your pedalboard set?

With all those projects going on, we may understand why his pedalboard varies this much from one day to another, so we asked him about his configuration and his must-have pedals which are always fastened to his Smart Track pedalboard.

TC Polytune: one of the most important for Marcos to keep tune during the whole gig.

Distorters: “I use to keep most of the time the same configuration: the JHS Morning Glory always on and ready, because of its dynamics and pretty neat sound, as long as you don’t get to the overdrive”. And not forgetting about Fulltone OCD, which he has been working with for ages; and ZVex Fuzz Factory “it is a very funny pedal, I’ve managed myself some times to have three of those in my pedalboard”, remembers Marcos.

Modulators: Marcos always counts on an Strymon Timeline and a Blue Sky one “whatever is the delay or the reverb I need, I always can use them, they never disappoint me”.

What about the rest?

Marcos Deker is always changing his pedals set and, of course, sometimes some of the pedals stay outside. They are his backup, but not for that less important:

Diamond Tremolo: analogic, with tap tempo, it controls the wave and its ideal for experimenting.

EHX Superego: It is like a freezer “but it turns the guitar into a synthesizer, for recording and producing it is ideal”.

Boss DD7: “this I borrowed from my good friend Josep from Canela Hank”, remembers Marcos, who uses this pedal as a wildcard: “looper, chorus... every single option except delay”.

Thank you so much, Marcos Deker, for sharing with us your pedalboard set, we wish you best of luck with all the projects you are on right now!

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