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Fast fastener adaptor: Upgrade your fasteners!

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Fast fastener adaptor

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Upgrade your standard Fasteners to the new Fast Fasteners!

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Product description

With the new Fast Fastener many users of Aclam’s velcro-less solution, the Smart Track® pedalboard, will have plenty of the older standard version Fasteners. With the Fast Fastener Adaptor, you can save some money and reuse the current Fasteners upgrading them to the new version. Easy to assemble, you will just have to disassemble the current nut-bolt mechanism and insert the adaptor in its place, making sure you screw it to the bottom nut, and you have got your new Fastener ready to rock!


So, there is this new Fastener upgrade that has caught you with several dozens of the standard ones from the Smart Track pedalboards you have been using these last couple years. The amount of litter in our seas is pretty concerning at this point and you do not want to keep amassing fasteners at home like you do with plectrums. Give your old fasteners a second chance and spruce them up with the fast fastener adaptor, transforming them into the new fastening proposal from Aclam.


Adapt the fasteners you use for those high turnover pedals; the main purpose of this fastener upgrade is to change pedals in a swift and manual manner, no need of tools, just a simple gesture of your most developed and trained limbs.


This fastener upgrade is an additional choice we give to Aclam’s Smart Track® pedalboard users, who consider the new features of the Fast Fastener to be convenient for the most frequently changed effects pedals of your pedalboard. For permanent setups, the standard fasteners will still be the way to go in terms of price and functionality.

The fast fastener adaptor is available with black and red lever finishes, so you can decide which option looks cooler for your rig. It is sold in units, so you can choose the exact amount you need!

Fast Fasteners and standard fasteners are the same size and provide the same reliable grip to keep your pedals securely fastened.

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Aclam’s fast fastener adaptor will allow you to upgrade the current fasteners you own into the Fast Fastener quick release fastening method for Smart Track® pedalboards. Easy to assemble and to operate, these new fastening option will give you more alternatives to choose from to attain the most convenient pedalboard for your needs. Combine new Fast fasteners with the standard ones and build the best pedalboard you can think of. Contact us if you need help!

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