The Fast Fastener
for Smart Track® pedalboards

An upgrade to attach effects pedals for the most demanding users

The Fast Fastener for Smart Track® pedalboards has a mechanism which, thanks to the rotation of the cam when you press the lever with your fingers, will allow you to attach the fasteners with no need of screwdrivers. A solution for those who prefer not having to carry a screwdriver around and want to reconfigure the pedalboard in a swift and faster manner.


Faster set-up and easier to use

Reduce the time you need to attach your effects pedals with the Smart Track® pedalboard method. Lock and unlock your pedals with an easy and intuitive movement. Unlock, turn 90º, and lock!

fasteners included with the pedalboard

No tools needed

Forget about having to take a screwdriver with you. Your fingers are all your guitar needs… and now so does your Smart Track®!

fasteners aclam reusable

Attach your pedals and keep them undamaged

Do not mess up with any kind of glue or adhesives. With an anti-slip rubber surface that works against slipping and won’t scratch your pedals. Reuse them as many times as you need.

pedalboard aclam sketches and development

Reliable fixation

As secure and protective for your pedal’s integrity as the standard fastener system! Designed to tilt against the pedal when locked for a better grip. 




Be the first to know when this product is available!

At Aclam we are always working to improve the experience we offer with our products, and after some R&D we have managed to give an extra feature to our patented Fastening System. If you want to be the first to know when this product is available in our online store, please leave here your e-mail and we will let you know as soon as it can be purchased!



Upgrade your Smart Track® pedalboard with the new and reliable Fast Fastener and make setting up you rig a clean and quick process. Contact us if you have further questions or suggestions for future developments.

How it works

Unlocked fast fastener

The fastener is unlocked when the lever has not been pressed.

So you can rotate the lever 360 degrees and adjust hammer's position in order to place it into the pedalboard grooves.

fastener aclam description

Lock the Fast Fastener

Hold the fast fastener against the effect pedal, turn it 90° and press the lever.

Once the fastener has been placed on the grooves it will only turn in one direction; if this is not the directon in which you want it to lock you can change it. See how to do it in the next step.

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