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Front rubber - Custom pedalboard spare parts

Front Rubber

Front rubber foot. Extra part. Choose the quantity you need!


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Aclam’s pedalboards include front rubber feet and adjustable rear feet. If you want the board to lay flat on the floor, you just need to change the adjustable feet for two of the pedalboard rubber feet. Check this and other bits and pieces if you are looking for specific components to modify your pedalboard’s setup. Available now!


Only the XS1 model includes four rubber feet to keep the pedalboard flat on the floor, all the other options include two adjustable feet in order to regulate the inclination.

If you are not planning to place a PSU support underneath the pedalboard and wish to lay it flat on the floor, these are the pedalboard parts you were looking for.

Easy to assemble and pretty hard-wearing, the pedalboard rubber feet will keep your board stable and flat.

Individually sold at the custom accessory section of Aclam’s online store!


Any component or pedalboard part can be purchased individually, so if you are missing or have broken a piece check the custom accessory section on Aclam’s site and forget about having to buy a whole new pedalboard for that small broken part.

The pedalboard rubber feet are durable, stable and resistant to high and low temperatures without deforming.

Check these and other pedalboard bits and pieces and avoid using a crippled pedalboard when unnecessary.

Aclam’s front pedalboard rubber feet will keep your rig stable and totally flat on the floor. Visit our online store for this and other pedalboard parts. Not finding what you are looking for? Contact us and we will find it for you!


Works with
all pedalboards
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