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Aclam’s catalog has more to offer than a limitless choice of  pedalboards and effects pedals. 

With these guitar accessories, which include high quality guitar straps, guitar wall-supports, apparel, and other guitar gadgets, you can complete your order and make the most of the Aclam experience.




Check Aclam’s exclusive Aclam T-shirt if you are looking for an elegant and original look. Black combines great, accentuates your figure, and dissimulates dirt very well.

Concerned about carrying a screwdriver around to make use of your Aclam’s Smart Track system? The Smart Keyring is a guitar accessory that will sort this issue out by providing a high-quality tool to perform rearranging tasks on your Aclam pedalboard. Convenient size to be carried around with your keys or in the soft case’s pocket.

Hang your guitar on the wall with the Floating Guitar lite wall guitar support. Its smart design makes the guitar look as if it was floating in the air. Adaptable to many different models and designed to keep the guitar unharmed and well secured.

Check Aclam’s new guitar straps, made of high-quality vegan materials, super light and waterproof to protect the strap from sweat and avoiding it to slip of your shoulder. Many different options and styles for every player.

We will be updating this section with awesome general guitar gadgets, so don’t forget to check it out before completing your order!

Check the smart accessories and general guitar gadgets at Aclam’s online store and make the most of your pedalboard or effects pedal order. We ship worldwide!

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