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New Tidy Cables and Power Supply support for Smart and Evo Track pedalboards | Aclam Guitars

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New Tidy Cables and Power Supply support for Smart and Evo Track pedalboards

Having heard all the comments and suggestions from our followers, customers and distributors (thank you all for your feedback), we have developed new accessories for our Smart Track and Evo Track pedalboards to facilitate the rig set up, fitting the needs of each musician. Therefore, we created an accessory called Tidy Cables DUO which broadens directions and types of cables that can be installed on the pedal board.

On the other hand, we have expanded the types of power supplies which can be attached underneath the pedalboard with a Universal Power Supply Support which includes a cable protector and another one without protector in its simplified version with the Universal Power Supply Support Universal S. Thus, we increase the customization possibilities of the pedalboard and adapt the accessories to a rising number of musicians who are willing to switch to a lighter and more durable system, whether based on Velcro® (Evo Track) or Fasteners (Smart Track).

tidy cables duo

Tidy Cables: the Tidy Cables accessory is simple yet practical and allows you to order the wiring of the pedals into the Tracks for greater safety as we have explained on other occasions. So far, this accessory allowed only the installation of the cables in the same direction as the Tracks and with a limited thickness. We have now developed a new option that will provide for sure a whole world of new configurations.

Tidy Cables DUO: this accessory for pedalboard allows you to hold cables that can be placed above the surface or inside the Tracks, both vertically and horizontally, regardless the thickness of the cable. In this way, the cables are kept safe and we avoid jeopardizing our rig.

Remember that you also have the option to buy a pack which includes 5 Tidy Cables and 5 Duo to complete your set.

Power supply Support: as already mentioned in this article, the Support accessory allows the possibility of installing the power supply for the pedals underneath the pedalboard using the same system of Fasteners and guaranteeing their safety and integrity.

support universal

Up to now we have available adapted Supports for models Fuel Tank JR, Cioks DC10/AC10 and Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus power supplies, but what happens when your device doesn’t fit the established measures? That will stop being a problem because we are releasing two models of Support that fit any sizes up to a height of 47mm.

Support Universal: the new Power Supply Support Universal can be adapted to any power supply as long as it does not exceed 47mm in height and includes, unlike its S version, an aluminum front which allows to protect the device’s inputs and the wiring like the Supports mentioned above. A reliable and secure solution now also available for more power supplies.

support universal sSupport Universal S: in its even lighter version, the Support Universal S consists of two stainless steel parts that perfectly fit any size of power supply and are installed underneath the pedalboard using the same system as the rest: by using the lower Tracks. It also includes two non-slip surfaces which will protect your power supply and keep it new for longer.

If you need to know more or want to see what other accessories we have available to finish configuring your set, do not hesitate to visit our online store

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