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Cioks PSU pedalboard support


PSU Support - Cioks DC10/AC10


Mount and protect your Cioks DC10/AC10 under your pedalboard

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Product description

Cioks DC10/AC10 has its specific support to fit under Aclam’s pedalboards. With the support for Cioks DC10/AC10 you will keep your pedalboard power supply protected and hidden! Specially designed to fit these Cioks power supplies, you will save space on the board by placing the pedalboard’s power supply underneath. Combine it with the available range of accessories at Aclam’s online store.


The power supply support for Cioks has been designed to fit the unit and cabling with no space waste at all. Compatible with double-tracked pedalboards such as XS2, S2 and L2, regardless of whether you use Top Routing or Free Routing models.    


Made of anodized aluminum, the support for Cioks DC10/AC10 will wrap this pedalboard power supply with a resistant and weightless coating of this metallic element. Be ready to make your power supply last for longer!    


Aclam’s accessories are quite straightforward in terms of installation and the pedalboard power supply support for Cioks DC10/AC10 isn’t an exception.

You will just have to slide the small plastic pieces with built-in nut (aka “hammer”) along the pedalboard’s grooves to the desired position. Once placed, use the thumb-screws to sturdily fasten the support for Cioks DC10/AC10 underneath the pedalboard. It is important to plug all the power cables to the pedalboard power supply before attaching it to the board on the support, otherwise the tight design of the support for Cioks DC10/AC10 will make it more difficult to do later.

Assembly instructions   


This support for Cioks DC10/AC10 is the best possible option for current users of this pedalboard power supply, as it will guarantee a perfect fit and enhanced protection.

If you are thinking of changing your power needs, as a result of a growing number of effects pedals, or simply because you like giving a go to other options in the market, Aclam has universal solutions that can hold practically every model in the market. Check the PSU Support – Universal and PSU Support - Universal Simple if you want increased versatility.


Buy Aclam’s support for Cioks DC10/AC10 to keep your power source protected and out of the way!! The sensible option for those who currently have this pedalboard power supply and want to discover the modular approach built-in Aclam’s range of pedalboards and accessories.

Product features

Anodized aluminum
Designed for
Cioks DC10/AC10
Works with
All Aclam pedalboards with adjustable feet

What customers think about this product?

01 Feb. 2023

when it is attached, it works!

At first it is a bit tricky to attach the support with fully cabled & patched under the board with the fasteners, but when it is done is serves the purpose!

11 June 2022

Great Mount

The mount for the CiOKS DC10 fits perfectly and is easy to take on and off with the hand tighten fasteners. I put a thin piece of foam between the power supply and the board just to give it a little snugness when tightening the fasteners.

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