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Pedalboard soft case: S2 size

Soft Case S2

Nylon soft case for any S2 sized pedalboard


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The soft case for Aclam’s S2 pedalboard line will protect and help you move your gear around. Compatible with any routing and fastening options available, it will allow you to customize your pedalboard with Aclam’s accessories without worrying about fitting problems. Check the pedalboard cases available for this model and more now!


Designed to fit the most popular double-tracked pedalboard of our catalog, the soft case S2 fits like a glove and will make you forget worries about the integrity of your board while on the move.

Made of nylon and with a reinforced inner padding, it will protect the board in a light and tight-fitting manner.

Aclam’s pedalboard cases include an external pocket with zipper to keep your secret tools always with you.


Aclam’s pedalboard cases are an essential accessory if you wish to move the pedalboard in a comfortable and protective way. The handles and shoulder strap will allow effortless journeys to your rehearsal place or concert venues.

The soft case S2 has been designed as an entry level case to move the pedalboard with basic protection. If you are intending to throw the pedalboard around, placing other heavy items over it, or want to make sure the board will resist falling from a moving van, you should check the Hard case options we have for some models.

Aclam’s pedalboard cases have been designed to manage the pedalboard regardless of the accessories you choose to use, from risers to power supply supports, you won’t have to take anything apart in order to fit the board in its case.

All pedalboard cases include a 2-year warranty, just contact us if you are experiencing any manufacturing issue and we will sort it out as quickly as possible; consider that products wear out by long and hard usages, so if you are experiencing a problem after 500 gigs it most probably won’t be a manufacturing problem.

With Aclam’s soft case S2 you will move from point A to point B with determination, fearlessly and knowing that the case’s black color combines perfectly with most attire choices, you are not alone. Check pedalboard cases and other accessory options at Aclam’s online store. We ship worldwide!


Inner dimensions
62 x 33 x 17 cm
Works with
S2 pedalboards

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