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Pedalboard soft case: XS2 size

Soft Case XS2

Nylon soft case for any XS2 sized pedalboard


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Behold Aclam’s XS2 guitar pedalboard case, the perfect companion for the XS2 models available, such as Smart Track® XS2, Evo Track® XS2 or Hybrid Track® XS2. Designed to fit these models and any combination of Aclam accessories you can think of. This guitar pedalboard case and many more accessories are waiting for you, check them now!


Designed to fit the smallest double-tracked pedalboard option available in the catalog, with the XS2 soft case you will make sure that things reach their destination in the same state they left from origin.

Made of nylon, with reinforced inner padding and resistant zipper, this guitar pedalboard case will give you the protection you need to move the pedalboard swiftly and effortlessly. 

Use the external pocket to keep those important things you usually carry in case pockets. Don’t leave anything behind.


All accessories in Aclam’s catalog have been designed to make sense with one another. Meaning that the XS2 soft case will fit the XS2 pedalboard, regardless of having installed an Upper or a Wahpper on it. All pieces fit together.


Unless you exclusively use your pedalboard at home, you will eventually have to transport it somewhere. It is not a very good idea to walk around with a packed pedalboard under your arm, it could be quite uncomfortable to say the least. Aclam’s choice of guitar pedalboard cases, including the soft case and the more rugged hard case available for some models will be the perfect receptacle for your precious gear, providing protection from nasty situations that may occur.

XS2 soft case will keep your pedalboard well protected and stored. Check this and other accessories available for all the range of pedalboards and effects pedals. Customize your pedalboard based on your needs.


Inner dimensions
47 x 33 x 17 cm
Works with
XS2 pedalboards

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