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Velcro® pedalboard brand strips - Hook

VELCRO® brand strips - Hook

Self adhesive VELCRO® hook - 82 x 5 cm


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These extra strong Velcro® brand strips will keep your effects pedals in place on any Hook and Loop based pedalboard in the market. If you are interested in other fastening methods check out Aclam’s Smart Track® line, otherwise you have to know that the Velcro® brand strips that Aclam include are very strong, so don’t expect a quick pedal removal as experienced using Aclam’s Fasteners. 


The Velcro® brandstrips (Hook) used for Aclam’s hook and loop models, the Evo Track® and Hybrid Track®, are from the official Velcro® brand pressure sensitive PS-52 model.

The advantages this option delivers are:

Temperature range from -15ºC to +90ºC, which will allow you to play both in Greenland and the Atacama Desert in Chile. 

Long-lasting and water resistant, it can be used in interiors as well as exteriors.


Minimum recommended bonding temperature: 10°C

Degrease the substrate with e.g. alcohol or spirit. (The substrate must be free of grease, moisture, dust, silicones, etc.).

Remove the protective paper and press the tape firmly into contact with the substrate, with special attention to the edges.

Preferably, allow substrate and pressure sensitive tape to stand for 24 hours after applying load.


The Velcro® brand strips - Hook are normally applied on the effects pedals, so they can adhere to the Velcro® brand strips - Loop placed on the pedalboard’s tracks.

Check the pedal’s surface is clean and stick a small strip of this extra strong Velcro®. We recommend placing a small piece if you want to remove it with ease further on.

Aclam’s Velcro® brand strips - Hook are included in Evo Track® and Hybrid Track® pedalboards. Remember that if you own a Smart Track® pedalboard, you can flip it over, add some Velcro® on it and it will become an Evo Track®. Just another feature to allow reconfiguring your pedalboard with ease. Check our fastening method option for more information. 


8.3 x 5 cm
Works with
Evo Track® & Hybrid Track® pedalboards
1 hook strip

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Good quality but...

Great but i find it a little short for the price...

- 06 March 2020