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Velcro® pedalboard brand strips - Loop


VELCRO® brand strips - Loop

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Self adhesive VELCRO® loop. Select size and length.

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Product description

These pedalboard Velcro® brand strips will keep the effects pedals you place on your Aclam pedalboard well fastened. If you prefer the classic velcro pedalboard rather than our Smart Track® fastening method, this are the ideal Velcro® brand strips – Loop that you need to place on your board to ensure your effects pedals don’t go anywhere. For a quicker and neater pedalboard experience check our Smart Track® and Hybrid Track® options.


The Velcro® brandstrips (Loop) used for Aclam’s hook and loop models, the Evo Track® and Hybrid Track®, are from the official Velcro® brand pressure sensitive PS-18 model.

This pedalboard velcro is usable in a temperature range of -20°C to 120°C, so it is safe to use in most normal venues.

These long-lasting Velcro® brandstrips (Loop) will maintain your gear in place regardless if you are in your quiet rehearsal space, a recording studio or a more demanding tour.


It is highly recommended to clean the surface before applying the Velcro® brand strip (Loop) on the surface of your Evo Track® or Hybrid Track® pedalboard.

Remove the protective paper from the pedalboard Velcro® Loop strip to adhere on the surface of the pedalboard.

Preferably, allow substrate and pressure sensitive tape to stand for 24 hours after applying load.

The Velcro® brand strips - Loop are intended to be placed on the surface of the pedalboard, which combined with an effects pedal with a piece of Velcro® brand strips - Hook stuck on its base, will result in a strong attachment.

Aclam’s Velcro® brand strips - Loop are included in Evo Track® and Hybrid Track® pedalboards but are compatible with other Velcro® options in the market, so take advantage of this super strong Velcro® and keep your pedals immobile. Remember to check Aclam’s Smart Track® fastening method if you wish to keep your effects pedals adhesive-less, resulting in a neater and cleaner pedalboard.

Product features

3 or 3.8 cm
Works with
Evo Track® & Hybrid Track® pedalboards
1 loop strip
XS S & L

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