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Pedalboard Custom builds & tweaks: Aclam spare parts

spare parts for custom aclam pedalboards diy

Aclam Guitars’ pedalboard system will allow you to create the custom pedalboard that better adapts to your needs thanks to the range of accessories and spare parts available. Here you can design and build your custom pedalboard or buy spare parts to reconfigure your guitar and bass pedalboard.





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Nowadays DIY pedalboard are an option for those who feel the standard offer does not fulfill their needs, or for those who simply do not want to stick to what everyone else has. If the standard options do not convince you, you can build your custom pedalboard using the bits & pieces available at Aclam Guitars’ online store.

How to get your DIY pedalboard? Choose the side guide’s length, the number and length of tracks you need, the more convenient type of feet (adjustable, flat) and the number of fasteners you feel will be enough to attach your stompbox collection.

A DIY pedalboard with clear and functional parts and many possible expansions thanks to its modular approach. Find spare fasteners here, as well as Velcro strips for those with a more classic approach. Coming in packs of 4 or 20, the Fasteners will allow you to attach pedals to your Smart Track pedalboard without the use of adhesives.

Choose the Fasteners 360º if it is a large and strange-shaped pedal you want to attach. Use velcro and fasteners on the same pedalboard if you want, almost anything can be done with the DIY pedalboard by Aclam Guitars.


You already own a pedalboard and you lost a piece, or it has been damaged? Just replace it with Aclam Guitars’ custom pedalboard spare parts, instead of having to buy a whole new pedalboard. You can also find the Smart Keyring here, which is a useful portable screwdriver to deal with the fasteners and will help on your quest for a custom pedalboard.

Learn how to build your DIY pedalboard in this blog entry

From free routing custom pedalboards to top routing DIY pedalboards. At Aclam’s online store you can find any part you need to build your custom pedalboard.

Contact us if you need any help!

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