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Track for Aclam pedalboards: spare part


Pedalboard track

Select width, color and length.

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Product description

Be aware that the shown price is per unit: Buy only what you need!

Build your custom pedalboard with Aclam's modular pedalboard system

If you are looking for pedalboard pieces to build your custom pedalboard, you are at the right place. Aclam’s modular pedalboards give you the flexibility of combining different options to build the best possible solution for your needs. First of all, we recommend you start with the pedalboard side parts.

Start building my custom pedalboard

Do you already know which pedalboard sides you need?

Cool! Now you have to choose the right tracks to build your custom pedalboard. As you may already know, there are 2 different track widths available:

  • 6 cm or 15 cm

Check which one you need depending on the sides you have already selected.

All tracks are available in 3 diferent lengths: 42, 59 and 83 cm.

Choose and use "the right side of the track"

We have tracks that are reversible and can be use on both sides. Be sure to select the right width of the track, and check if it is reversible in order to use the right side and attach your pedals with the fastening method that you prefer. 

  • 15 cm width track (Smart)

This is a reversible track.

You can use this track for attaching your pedals with the Smart Track® system (Using Fasteners).

Available in three lengths: 42, 59 and 83 cm.

  • 6 cm width track (Smart, Evo or Hybrid)

This is a reversible track.

You can use this track for attaching your pedals with the Smart Track® system (Using Fasteners)

Available in three lengths: 42, 59 and 83 cm.

Make sure you have everything you need to build your custom pedalboard

In order to have a complete custom pedalboard, be sure to have everything you need in you cart:

- 2 sides

- Tracks (the number will depend on the pedalboard model you build)

- 4 rubber or feet

- Fastening system (fasteners, velcro loop or velcro hook).

We will take care of the screws, smart nuts and allen key to build your pedalboard.

Do you need any assistance?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help and tips to build your custom pedalboard!

What customers think about this product?

01 June 2023


Simply said it’s fantastic and why didn’t anyone create this sooner?

17 July 2022


Exactly what l needed for my perfect pedalboard!

24 June 2021

Upgraded Pedalboard

I already had the Smart Track S1 board (59cm). I upgraded this to a 83 cm wide version to fit all the pedals I needed. Being able to buy just the track enabled me to do this without having to but a whole new board. The track is the typically high standard one expects from Aclam and easily interchangeable with the components I had on my previous board.

28 Jan. 2020

Pedal Board

Bought the board as a basis for my large board. Exceptional quality, perfect shipping and communications Highly recommended

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