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How to mount the power supply to a pedalboard? VIDEO! | Aclam Guitars

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How to mount the power supply to a pedalboard? VIDEO!

They are usually heavy, valuable and very useful. No, we are not talking about your amplifier, we are talking about a thing that is essential for your effects pedals & pedalboard to work properly: the pedalboard power supply.

Once you’ve gotten to the point of finding your ideal pedalboard, you’ve distributed your guitar effects pedals, the next step is looking for the best power supply for your pedalboard and decide how to mount it. One of the most important steps when you are building your ultimate pedalboard is to learn everything you need to know, and do it step-by-step. So, first:

Buy the best power supply for your pedalboard

Be sure you are using a fully isolated power supply for your pedalboard so you can prevent any annoying noise, buzz or hum! Once you've already got your power supply, here’s the first issue: you don't have to use it while playing the guitar and it’s using too much space which is supposed to be used by your effects pedals. You need to power your guitar pedals and you are tired of using batteries. 

So, where and how can you mount the power supply without compromising the slots available?

Learn which is the best way to mount the power supply to the pedalboard

If you already have the power supply for your pedalboard (or almost decided!) watch the video where we help you building a pedalboard: learn where and how to install the power supply using the Aclam Guitars pedalboard accessories.

In Aclam Guitars we are thoughtful about these issues and that’s why we’ve been developing our pedalboards including the option of attaching the power supply underneath with a simple but secure system without losing any spot for your pedals. We are talking about our range of Power supply supports, that will let you hold almost any kind of power supply. There are many brands that manufacture power supplies, some examples would be: Voodoo Lab, Strymon, MXR, T-Rex, Cioks, Truetone...

Which are the advantages of using Aclam accessories to attach the power supply on your pedalboard?

You can install the power supply unit underneath your pedalboard with no need to use adhesives, cable ties or the need of drilling on your pedalboard. 

Here's a list of advantages:

✅ More space for attaching effects pedals

✅ No need to stick anything to your power supply

✅ No drilling or harming your pedalboard

✅ No tools needed

✅ Safe and secure

List of Aclam accessories to mount the power supply to the pedalboard

First of all, check if there is some space at the bottom part of your pedalboad to place (or not) your power supply.

Mount the Power Supply at the top of the pedalboard

If you have a flat pedalboard or you still have not bought all the effects pedals you'll need and have some free space at the top, you can attach the power supply using the Smart Track® velcro-free attaching system and keep it at the top of your pedalboard or use Velcro®.

Mount the Power Supply at the bottom of the pedalboard

If you are using an Aclam pedalboard you have some free space at the bottom of the pedalboard thanks to the Aclam adjustable legs

power supply supportpower supply holder pedalboard


If you are looking for a fully-protective power supply holder, the PSU Support Universal is for you.

This pedalboard accessory has also an improvement which guarantees the safety of your cables and connections thanks to a piece that covers the underneath to the surface allowing cables to pass through without staying exposed. Fear no more getting your pedals unplugged because of an accident with wiring!

Available for power supplies that not exceed 4,7cm high and 19,5 cm width.

power supply simple aclam

power supply bottom pedalboard

Buy the universal PSU simple support!

If you have any power supply that exceed this measures or you think you do not need the cable protection (that we strongly recommend), take a look at the PSU Suport Universal simple. The width of your power supply is not a limit, and we can adapt the maximum or minimum height (just let us know at what you need, and we will add the piece that will fit to your power supply).

To attach specific power supplies: Fuel Tank Jr & Cioks ACDC10

fuel tank jr pedalboard cioks power supply pedalboard

Specific supports are available for Fuel Tank & Cioks but there are many models which are also suitable for it, it depends on each sizing. And that’s it! You’ve got your guitar power supply safely attached and your cables fully protected!

Didn’t you find a support which fits your power supply in our catalogue? Aclam Guitars team are constantly making improvements and we encourage you to write an e-mail to and suggest yours, we’ll take note for future developments!

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    • Avatar
      James Lindsay
      ago 2, 2022

      Smart Track® S2 - Top Routing pedal board 59 x 30 Will a Truetone1 Spot Pro CS1bfit underneath Dimensions are 206x86x50Thanks James

    • Avatar
      ago 10, 2022

      Hello James, there will be no problem placing a Truetone1 Spot Pro CS12 underneath a Smart Track S2 pedalboard. The PSU Support Simple has a 5,7cm version which should be enough for it.

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