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Side for Aclam pedalboards: spare part

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Pedalboard side

Choose length and color.

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Product description

A new world of possibilities with the Aclam's modular pedalboard system

Aclam’s modular pedalboard system will allow you to combine the pedalboard parts you need to build a custom pedalboard. If the choice of Aclam's standard pedalboards offered in our catalog doesn’t fulfil your needs, you can always check to build a custom one with the available pedalboard parts.

Take a look at all the Aclam's pedalboard possibilities:


The pedalboards highligthed in green are the Aclam standard pedalboards you can buy directly in our online store without the need to think much more. If you still prefer a custom pedalboard, keep reading!

I need a custom pedalboard. How can I do it?

1. Define the pedalboard dimensions you need

First of all, start defining your desired pedalboard dimensions. Combinations may vary if you are looking to build a free routing or top routing pedalboard.

Tip: Get your aprox. dimensions and then define the one that will suit your needs depending if you want to build it top routing or free routing.

2. Confirm which sides length you need

Check which sides you need to build this pedalboard. You will always need 2 sides to  to build one board. Add them to your cart. Read the next section "How many tracks do I need?"

3. Check which tracks can you use and which pedal attaching method you want to use.

Keep reading & check on the images to know which track width and how many of them you will need to build this board. Go and select the tracks.

4. Think if you want a flat or slanted pedalboard.


If you wish to have a completely flat pedalboard, add 4 x front rubber to your cart.

If you prefer a slanted pedalboard, add 2 x front rubber and 2 x adjustable foot.

5. Define fastening system for your pedals

Be sure you have the correct tracks to use the fastening system you choose. Add the pieces for method you need:


     Velcro loop

     Velcro hook

6. Make your order!

We will include the smart nuts, screws and an allen key so you can build your custom pedalboard easily!

How many tracks do I need?

  •  Side length: 15 cm - Top routing - Black or Orange

1 x Track 15 cm

  • Side length 30 cm Top routing - Black or Orange

2 x Track 15 cm

  • Side length 30 cm - Top routing - Grey

5 x Track 6 cm

  • Side length 30 cm - Free routing - Grey

4 x Track 6 cm

  • Side length 36 cm - Top routing- Grey

6 x Track 6 cm

  • Side length 38 cm - Free routing - Grey

5 x Track 6 cm

  • Side length 42 cm - Top routing - Grey

7 x Track 6 cm

  • Side length 46 cm - Free routing - Grey

6 x Track 6 cm

Still got qüestions?

If any question arises regarding the proper combination just contact us and we will help you out!

What customers think about this product?

02 June 2020

A straight rod of metal

A bit expensive for a straight rail of metal, also, this is only 1x

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