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Pedal power supplies & pedalboard mounting brackets

Power Supplies and mounting kits for Aclam pedalboards accessories

Power without support is nothing. Who wants to waste precious effects pedal space on a pedalboard when you can use some mounting brackets to keep the pedal power supply underneath the surface?




Pedal power supplies come in different sizes, so at Aclam Guitars we designed some universal options that could fit most of the current offer. In most cases, this will allow to change the pedal power supply without worrying about having to change the mounting brackets as well. With a simpler option: the Power Supply Support Universal Simple to a more protective solution: the Power Supply Support Universal will keep your power in place.

For some specific pedal power supplies, custom mounting brackets have been designed to fit the devices like a glove and to protect all connections. Pedal power supplies such as Fuel Tank Jr, Cioks DC10, Mission Engineering 529 and Mission Engineering 529i have the specific mounting brackets that will protect and keep these devices and the cables they use in the best possible conditions. But not only we have the mounting brackets, but we also sell the pedal power supplies which have a specific bracket for them, so you can get it all in one place. From the smaller Fuel Tank Jr and Mission Engineering 529, ideal for smaller pedalboards such as the Smart Track XS1 or Smart Track S1, to the Cioks DC10 and Mission Engineering 529i which handle larger pedalboards with ease, all bundled with the specific mounting bracket, you will have the power you need to use your pedalboard straight away.

Aclam Guitars offers a selection of pedal power supplies and mounting brackets for different needs, all in the same place so you can make the most of your purchase. Check the instructions to learn how easy it is to attach the mounting brackets here.

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