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Artist Interviews: Jacopo Mezzanotti | Aclam Guitars
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Artist Interviews: Jacopo Mezzanotti


Jacopo Mezzanotti

Define you and your music in just a sentence:

Easily complicated.

Who inspired you to make music?

My father first, then life. I think life it’s full of inspiration.

Do you believe in practice or innate talent?

I believe practice it’s 99% of the thing, but that 1% of talent it’s what gives a special meaning to your music.

How has Covid-19 affected to you directly and how do you think it will affect to the music industry in the near future?

Well, COVID affected my work as all other musicians around the world in the same way, at least during a lockdown period: you can’t play concerts. But we always have to remember that many other activities can be made in this type of situation, many musicians use to spend a lot of working time in composing, teaching, planning new projects and getting inspired studying new material. Apart from playing I have been able to continue my teaching work, I launched a new album in June and I’m continuing to collaborate with other artists around the world.

What are you working in right now?

The 1st of March, just before the lockdown in Spain, I launched an online school for guitarist, with different type of music styles and this kept me busy until today and probably until the end of the year. At the same time I start to work on my first album as soloist that I plan to record during the next winter.

What would your perfect rig be like?

Well I think the perfect rig it’s the one that allows your sound to match your project idea. It really depends by the project you are in, with a classical jazz setting I’m fine with my Dangelico guitar and a couple of pedals such a good delay and chorus. About amp a vintage Fender Twin. But for more modern projects my dream rig it’s a solid body guitar with two signal processing ways: one for computer processed sound and one for an analog processed sound way (pedals). Two amps, one Aer and a valve amp (fender deluxe type or twin reverb). I’ve used this second one in a recording we made in Aclam Barcelona, with a super Aclam Guitar and Canivell Amp. That’s an ideal set for a modern project’s sound.

Which songs do you sing in the shower?

La dolce vita

Your best creation vs your worst creation?

Out of my small amount of work there is only one composition that I really like, it’s called Besides Your Loneliness, and it’s inspired by Gustav Mahler. The worst? Mainly all the rest.

Have you ever been jailed in a Turkish prison?

Not yet.

Who would you share stage with if you had the chance? Why?

Kamasi Washington, his music inspires me new ideas.

What would you have liked to be if you hadn’t become a musician?

You don’t become musician, I believe you born that way. But physicist or mathematician would also have been nice.

What’s the most awkward situation you have experienced during a performance?

Well, years ago I was playing with a pop/folk band in a small village in Italy and we where suppose to play in the night, so after dining. The tradition in these small villages has always something to do with alcohol, and friendship. We couldn’t eat before the concert, so in the middle of the performance when almost all the village was drunk, somebody start to feed us while playing, and that was not just a bite of pizza.

Name a musician you would have loved to meet and haven’t

Joe Pass

You have to choose a record to take to a desert island. Which one would you choose?

Both Sides Now, by Joni Mitchel arranged by Vince Mendoza.

Which was the first record you purchased with your own money?

I’m not sure, but probably Deep Purple’s Made in Japan.

Talk us about your upcoming projects and what are your next plans!

Well about music I’m recording these days a short collaboration with Fred Andrade, a great guitarist from Brasil and as I said I’m spending time this summer understanding which direction to take in my next album that I would like to record next winter. Furthermore he 27th of September they are going to stream my last symphonic, it’s a symphonic jazz concert recorded in Valencia two years ago, with many guests and where I had the pleasure to use one of your guitars ???? you can see the stream here

Know more about Jacopo at the Aclam artists page

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