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Pedalboard soft case: S1 size

Soft Case S1

Nylon soft case for any S1 sized pedalboard


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Product description

Aclam’s S1 soft case will fit any S1 pedalboard option, no matter of the chosen fastening method. Keep your effects pedals on the move with the pedal board case suited specifically for your pedalboard.


If you own a S1 pedal board, this is the case you will need to move it around safely and with no unnecessary space waste.

Made of nylon and with reinforced inner paddings, this pedal board case will keep the board tightly secured, avoiding unwanted vibrations or effects pedals moving around.

Keep your favorite accessories stored at the front pocket of the pedal board case and don’t leave anything behind.

With the handles and shoulder strap you will move your pedalboard with minimum physical demand, so you keep as fresh as a daisy for what really matters.   


Moving your gear comfortably is one of the main concerns that musicians have when it comes to buying new equipment.

From simpler pedal board cases like Aclam’s S1 soft case to the rugged hard case options for certain pedalboard models, the idea is to keep your pedals protected from involuntary collisions, weather adversities or, in the case of the sturdier hard case, to allow a more aggressive van loading technique, which could resume in throwing the case unconcernedly into the van, regardless of whatever might be in it.

The idea is simple, as they say, better safe than sorry!

Check this and other pedal board cases at Aclam’s online store, they have been designed to fit the board packed with pedals. Take your Aclam pedalboard everywhere with the pedal board case designed for it. Contact us if you are not sure of the option you need.

Product features

Inner dimensions
62 x 17 x 14 cm
Works with
S1 pedalboards

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