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Advanced kit - free routing - L2: special deal

Advanced kit - Free Routing - L2

Smart Track® L2 free routing + PSU Support + Tidy Cables pack


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Aclam’s large pedalboard bundle is available now with the Smart Track® L2 – free routing. This value pack, which includes the most sold accessories, is the perfect option if you want to get initiated with a fully functional pedalboard. Manage cabling with the Tidy Cables Pack cable organizer, while you hide your power supply underneath the Advanced Kit L2 - Free Routing pedalboard with the help of the PSU Support Universal Simple. With the soft case included in this large pedalboard bundle you will carry around your rig with ease and protection. This and more deals at Aclam’s online store!


Aclam’s Advanced Kit L2 - Free Routing includes the Smart Tack® L2 – free routing pedalboard with its soft case. Fit up to 14 standard-sized effects pedals to this large pedalboard bundle. Reuse the fasteners as many times as you need to find the best way to organize your effects pedals, without sticking glue nor adhesives.

The PSU Support Universal Simple will allow the placement of the PSU underneath the pedalboard, so you can use all this large pedalboard’s space to fit effects pedals.

A neat and tidy way to organize your cables will be possible and easy with the Tidy Cables Pack included in this large pedalboard bundle. Use the grooves of the pedalboard to use these simple yet effective clips.


It is difficult to understand the possibilities Aclam’s range of Smart Track pedalboards offer before having played with them before. That is when one realizes that a cable organizer would come in handy, or that PSU taking so much space could have been placed underneath the pedalboard. That is why this value pack was created, a sample of the must-have accessories of the many different options available, to customize and build the best possible pedalboard.  

Aclam’s large pedalboard, the Smart Track L2® - free routing, is the choice for effects pedal enthusiasts who need something adaptable and reliable. With its slatted design, with enough space to pass cables through, you will have endless options to build the perfect rig.

Check out the range of accessories at Aclam’s online store and build the large pedalboard you were wishing to have.

The soft case included in the pack is compatible with all the current range of accessories except for the Wahpper +.


Aclam’s Advanced Kit L2 – free routing includes a PSU support and cable management accessories so you can save time and money.

Aclam’s Advanced Kit L2 – free routing includes Aclam’s large pedalboard with some handy accessories to enhance your pedalboard’s setup. Top modularity, versatility, and reliability to protect your effect pedals. Contact us if you wish to know more!

Smart Track® L2 free routing + PSU Support simple + Tidy Cables pack

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3,4 Kg (7.5 lbs)
Laquered aluminum
Fastening Method
Smart Track®
L2 (10-14 pedals)
83 x 30 cm (32.7" x 11.8")
Pedalboard + Fasteners + Softcase + PSU Support S + Tidy Cables Pack
Cable Routing
Free Routing
to Evo Track®
Back legs
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Objet de qualité...

. ... mais j'ai eu le plus grand mal pour bloquer les effets avec les éléments vissables. Prenez les bloqueurs clipsables !

- 02 Apr. 2024


It's a very good quality product, and the fixing system is very reliable and practical (I've never liked sticking Velcro under the pedals). I think it's the best alternative. This quality comes at a considerable price, but it's well deserved, and the product's sturdiness has also proved its worth to me.
Ordered online, very efficient delivery service.

- 15 Dec. 2023
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
- 19 March 2022

Superb, well made pedalboard

Superb, well made pedalboard. If, like me, sticking velcro on your pedals is not for you, this is a great alternative.

- 24 Oct. 2021