Advanced kit - top routing - XS2: special deal


Advanced kit XS2 - Top routing


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Smart Track® XS2 top routing + PSU Support + Tidy Cables pack

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Advanced kit XS2 - Top routing

Advanced kit XS2 - Top routing

Smart Track® XS2 top routing + PSU Support + Tidy Cables pack

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Product description

Aclam’s value pack for Smart Track® XS2 – Top Routing includes the custom pedalboards plus the must-have accessories that are usually purchased together with the board, but at a cheaper price. With the Advanced Kit XS2 – top routing you will get the PSU support and the cable organizer in a bundled price so you can build your custom pedalboards from day one. Check this and other value packs at Aclam’s store!


With Aclam’s Advanced Kit XS2 - Top Routing you will receive the Smart Tack® XS2 – top routing pedalboard, which will allow you to attach your pedals using the only adhesive-free option in the market, the Smart Track® fastening method.

These custom pedalboards can hold up to 7 pedals, and with its top routing cable routing configuration you can route the cables across the pedalboard’s top side grooves. Use the Tidy Cables Pack included to keep cables tidy and neat.

With the PSU support Universal Simple you can make the most of the top side of the pedalboard for your effects pedals, while you place the power supply underneath the pedalboard. With the adjustable feet you can regulate the height of the board to accommodate the power unit underneath.


Aclam’s Advanced Kit XS2 - Top Routing includes those accessories that are usually bought together with the board, or in other cases in a second order. Avoid extra expenses with this kit and start setting your custom pedalboards in the moment you receive them.

Complete your kit with any of the other compatible accessories such as tiers, other cable organizers or cases.


Aclam’s Advanced Kit XS2 – top routing includes the anodized aluminum pedalboard, known to be light-weighted sturdy custom pedalboards, plus the mentioned accessories. Don’t miss the chance to sort your basic needs in one stop.

Aclam’s Advanced Kit XS2 – top routing is the kit for those who want to make sure they start with the basics to build one of their dreamt of custom pedalboards. Keep the PSU out of the way with the PSU support and attain a neat and tidy cable layout with the Tidy Cables Pack. Available for all double-tracked pedalboards. Check them now!

Product features

Fastening Method
Smart Track®
XS2 (5-7 pedals)
42 x 30 cm (16.5" x 11.8")
Pedalboard + Fasteners + Softcase + PSU Support S + Tidy Cables Pack
Cable Routing
Top Routing
to Evo Track®
1,3 Kg (2.9 lbs)
Anodized aluminum
Back legs
Worldwide shipping Worldwide shipping
Customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction

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