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Aclam’s range of accessories for tiered pedalboards | Aclam Guitars

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Aclam’s range of accessories for tiered pedalboards

Aclam presents a new accessory for your pedalboard!

At Aclam we are constantly rethinking our products and accessories in order to improve and broaden the choices to build a custom pedalboard that will fit your needs. We listen to our customers and, if their requests make any sense (not quite sure about the beverage holder....), we try to develop a solution taking advantage of the modular approach featured in our range of products.

So, after some feedback regarding the non-existent space to place pedals between the pedalboard and the Wahpper’s second tier, we decided to take it to the next level ^^

The Wahpper plus will deliver higher effect altitudes with enough space between tracks to hide all those pedals you won’t need to operate during the set.

two tier pedalboard gif

Wahpper plus: Build a two level custom pedalboard

Two level pedalboards are great for space management, tidy layouts and enhanced pedal activation accuracy. So, after the Upper and the Wahpper accessories, we're now presenting the new Wahpper plus. 

Wahpper plus will customize your pedalboard by adding a second tier with enough space between tracks to place effects pedals and, depending on the Wahpper plus chosen length, enough flat space to place your expression pedals as well.

Made of anodized aluminum, the Wahpper plus will elevate the second tier up to 10cm (3,94”), leaving an 8cm space between tracks.

two level pedalboard aclam

You can choose three standard track lengths (XS – 42cm, S – 59cm & L – 83cm) or enquire our team for a custom-sized pedalboard tier.   

two tier pedalboard custom sizes aclam

With Aclam’s new accessory, the Wahpper plus, you can choose the section of the pedalboard you wish to elevate, taking into account those expression/wahwah pedals that need to be placed along a flat surface.

two level pedalboard diferent sizes

You will have the ability to place this accessory at any position of the pedalboard in an easy manner, as it attaches to the Smart Track grooves in a similar manner as Aclam’s fasteners, but by means of a convenient threaded knob. At a side, in the middle or along the whole length of the pedalboard, you will choose how your custom pedalboard will look like.

two tiered pedalboard gif aclam

custom position tier second level

But wait, this new accessory is not the only one you can use in your tiered pedalboard...

Customize your pedalboard with different tiers and levels

Upper: the easiest way to elevate the back row of your pedalboard

 upper aclam tier accessory pedalboard

The simplest option to attain a tiered pedalboard. It rises the whole rear pedalboard track 3cm, which is handy when it comes to passing cables under the pedalboard, or to access the back row of pedals in a more comfortable manner.

It fits perfectly in a soft case or hard case.

The cheapest option, as it doesn’t include the track – it uses the pedalboard’s track.

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Wahpper: elevate the back row of your pedalboard and leave some space for the wah wah

wahpper aclam tier accessory pedalboard 

Elevate a section of your pedalboard up to 4,5cm (1,77”) using a new track.

The solution for those pedalboards that include expression or wahwah pedals, which wouldn’t fit on a board with uneven tracks, such as any pedalboard with an Upper installed.

You can place the Wahpper on the right or left side of the board, adapting its position to the desired free space. It won’t leave enough space between tiers to place effects pedals, for that functionality check the Wahpper plus.

It will fit in both our soft and hard case options.

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Wahpper plus: add a second level of pedals on your pedalboard, fully or partially

wahpper plus aclam tier accessory pedalboard

It provides a new row of pedals 10cm (3,93”) above the pedalboard. Choose the length of the track depending on the flat space you need to have available for your expression and wahwah pedals.

This option will allow to place pedals between tracks, which is useful especially for those using switches that eliminate the need for accessing several of your effects.

The Wahpper plus can be placed anywhere on the board; it can even be placed protruding out the rear part of the pedalboard.

It won’t fit in Aclam’s current soft and hard case options. A revised case is currently being considered, but for now the Wahpper plus must be detached for the pedalboard to fit in the case.

It’s the most expensive tier option, but it will allow a higher pedal density and number of stompboxes that can fit on it. 

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What’s the difference between Upper, Wahpper and Wahpper+


Have a look at the different tier setups you can attain with Aclam’s custom pedalboards

⬇️ Combo Track XS2 pedalboard with Upper ⬇️

aclam pedalboard upper

⬇️ Smart Track S2 pedalboard with Upper ⬇️

upper aclam pedalboard tier

⬇️ Smart Track L2 pedalboard with Wahpper S ⬇️

smart track pedalboard wahpper tier aclam

⬇️ Smart Track XS2 pedalboard with Wahpper + XS ⬇️

two tier pedalboard level two aclam

⬇️ Smart Track L2 pedalboard with Wahpper + XS ⬇️

aclam big pedalboard level two tier

… and many more. Design your custom pedalboard with the Aclam's pedalboard system!


Discover how to build your custom pedalboard with Aclam’s accessories!



With Aclam’s Upper, Wahpper or Wahpper plus, you will reach different levels of customization!

Cable management

Avoid cable tangles and untidy setups using Aclam’s cable management accessories. With Tidy Cables and Tidy Cables Duo you will have the tools to route all the wiring in a neat and functional manner.

PSU supports

Don’t waste space on your pedalboard placing the power supply. Use the available range of PSU supports to place the supply underneath the pedalboard.

Fastening method

With Aclam’s Smart Track® fastening system you will forget adhesives or Velcro®. Use Fasteners 360º to get those strange-shaped pedals in place! Check Aclam’s smart keyring to forget about carrying around a screwdriver for the fasteners. We also do Velcro® pedalboards for the old fashioned, so choose the option that best suits your needs.

Spare parts

Any component of Aclam’s custom pedalboards can be purchased separately. From side profiles and spare tracks, to screws and nuts; it’s all available for you to build your own custom pedalboard.


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If you have any question, please feel free to contact us! 

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    • Avatar
      may 5, 2020

      I'd like to have one for my pedalboard

    • Avatar
      Michael P Palmer
      jul 31, 2020

      I am trying to order a Pedalboard from your website and I am finding it difficult to navigate through it. Can you offer me some assistance?

    • Avatar
      feb 7, 2021

      Do you have a price list for the pedal board sizes and tiers?nnThanks, Robert

    • Avatar
      nov 30, 2023

      Nice stuff here!nBut... what if i'd need a deeper upper level and less space "open" for the zero floor? nAt zero floor i have the switcher (ms-8 boss) and behind it all its cables, some other pedal (kind set and forget like boost, phaser, chorus, speaker simulator) and the power center (one spot 7). All this stuff can be covered by the second floor whre i have nova drive, delay and tap tempo, reverb, tuner, M5 line6, and yet some other things. nSo, at zero floor, i only need the free depth for the ms-8 switches ... 10/15 cm.nnI made a two floor pedalboard by my self but... it is not durable nor relianle. I'd have to show you that. 60x40 case. Morley volume plus. ... do you do custom measures for upper tieres? Prices ?nnThank younnFrancesco

    • Avatar
      jakub lenz
      jun 21, 2024


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