Smart Track®
The Velcro® alternative pedalboard

aclam smart track pedalboard s1 full of pedals

Attach your effects pedals as many times as you need without Velcro® or other adhesives!

Discover it in less than 2 minutes



Why is Smart Track® the way to go?


Keep your pedals clean & undamaged

Attach your pedals with no need to use Velcro or any other adhesive. Do not stain and devalue your pedals!

With the current choice of boutique pedals present in the market, it makes sense to use a system which will grant the preservation of these expensive stompboxes, for reasons that go from purely the esthetic, to a better value of the device in case you want to sell it to make space for the new one.

fasteners included with the pedalboard

Enough fasteners are included with your pedalboard!

Final prices without surprises! When you purchase your Smart Track® be certain it will include the amount of fasteners to attach the number of pedals we claim can fit on the pedalboard. No need of extra expenses to attain a totally functional product to be used out of the box.

fasteners aclam reusable

Fasteners are easily reusable

Attach, detach and rearrange as many times as you need! No need to buy new fasteners unless they are absorbed by the same black hole that makes picks disappear. The same fastener can be used to attach different pedals, something unattainable with Velcro or other adhesive options.

pedalboard aclam sketches and development

Pedalboard developed and patented by Aclam

Original idea, developed & patented by Aclam Guitars in Barcelona! No other option in the market exists with this functionality: reusable, glue-free and innovative!.

How do Smart Track® pedalboards work?

Smart Track® pedalboards work in a simple yet very strong and reliable way.
They are the result of a combination of a custom design of aluminium profiles and Aclam’s fasteners.

pedalboard aluminium extrussion tracks aclam

Aclam aluminium tracks

The pedalboard is made of aluminium profiles with longitudinal grooves where fasteners and other accessories can be placed.

A big design effort was carried out to attain a light and sturdy profile, made to allow an optimal fastening system for your boutique pedals. The standard top routing pedalboard is anodized in black, but we build some limited color editions, check them out!

fastener aclam description

Aclam fasteners

The fastener is the plastic clamp that will attach your pedals to the pedalboard without messing up with any kind of glue or adhesives. Made of plastic with an anti-slip rubber surface that won’t scratch your pedals and will work against slipping.

Place it, hold it against the pedal and screw it with the Aclam Smart Keyring or with a standard flathead screwdriver.

It’s important to maintain the fastener pressed against the pedal while fastening. The fastener tilts when screwed for a better grip.

The Smart Track® fasteners are long-lasting, and you can use them as many times as you need. You can also buy extra fasteners or Fasteners 360º if you need them.

Customize it & make the most of your Smart Track®

You’re one step closer to upgrading your pedalboard, but to be sure you make the most of your Smart Track® pedalboard, a part from being a velcro and adhesives alternative, there are other advantages you need to know:

cable management pedalboard tidy cables aclam

New concept for cable distribution

Use the pedalboard grooves to hide cables and clip them with the Tidy cables accessories.

Choose between top routing or free routing cable distribution.

Know more about Tidy Cables

custom sizes for aclam pedalboards

+ 18 Sizes available

The most common sizes are the 5 Aclam standard pedalboards: XS1, XS2, S1, S2 & L2. We sell them pre-mounted.

If the standard sizes does not meet your need, there are many other custom size pedalboards you can build yourself. 

Read this article to know more

two tier pedalboard aclam

Customize your pedalboard and build a second level

Add tiers and build a second level to your pedalboard. Add spare parts and customize your pedalboard at your own needs!

Everything about tiers and 2 levels

Aclam adjustable legs

Great Stability

Give the most appropiate inclination to your pedalboard thanks to its adjustable feet. Adapt it to uneven floors. If you don't like them, you can change them and have 4 Rubber feet instead.

VIDEO: How to hold the Power Supply

Use the grooves to attach and hold your Power Supply under your pedalboard, so you'l have more space for pedals, you don't need to attach anything to your power supply, no drilling needed...

Learn how to mount the Power Supply



FAQs: Can Smart Track® hold any kind of effects pedals?

Standard pedals

We recommend using 4 fasteners to attach a standard-sized pedal into the Smart Track® pedalboard.

Big pedals

Add more fasteners for bigger pedals. It will depend on the weight of the pedal, the shape and pressure you apply.

Mini pedals

Less weight, smaller dimension, more pressure, fewer fasteners!
This is a trial-error exercise.

Rounded pedals

If you’d like to attach rounded and shaped pedals to your pedalboard, do it with the Fasteners 360º. They offer free movement to rotate and add pressure on any direction.

What’s said about Smart Track® pedalboards?

Read Aclam Smart Track® real users opinions & reviews!

What customers think about our products?

Advanced kit S2 - Top Routing

16 Oct. 2020 HAI PARK


Shipping was super fast. Very reliable shipping service with Fedex. I got it in Georgia after 4 days I placed the order.S2 Pedalboard is very well build and very clean wiring. You will feel very secured. 20%...

Read more


22 Sept. 2020 Valerio monteforte


prodotti di qualita', personale serio e affidabile nel consigliare

Read more

Smart Track® S1 - Top Routing

03 Sept. 2020 Pol Cruells

Pràctica, sòlida i compacta

M'encanten les pedaleres d'Aclam perquè són pràctiques, sòlides i compactes. En tinc dues i són indispensables pels meus directes: els pedales sempre són al seu lloc i no pateixen cap desperfecte. A més, passo estones...

Read more

PSU Support - Universal Simple

10 July 2020 Brett Klein

Works well, but not perfect

It works well for a variety of power supplies, but I think the grip part needed to be wider to give more surface area. Also, the bolt could have used a second nut to help prevent it from unwinding over time. Minor...

Read more


10 July 2020 Brett Klein

Makes the best pedalboard even better!

The added shelf gives me an entire additional row of pedals, with room underneath for ones that don't need changing very much, like my amp modeler pedal. Putting it together was easy, and it is constructed well.

Read more

Smart Track® L2 - Top Routing

10 July 2020 Brett Klein

Absolutely phenomenal!

Completely cleaned up my pedals, allowed me to perfect how to lay them out without the commitments of velcro, and gives me a lot of flexibility. Wonderful pedalboard!

Read more

Smart Track® L2 - Top Routing

04 July 2020 Timothy Broadley

Best gear purchase in 10 years

After reviewing the many options for a pedalboard, I decided to try the new, innovative approach (that avoids making a mess of my pedals with velcro). I could not be happier with the Aclam board. Great communication,...

Read more

Dr. Robert

01 July 2020 Chang Ling Fatt

Must own pedal!

I bought the pedal through online store. Customer service is very responsive and friendly. The delivery via Fedex was faster than expected. I played with the pedal non-stop after receiving. It is a faithful recreation...

Read more

Pedalboard side

02 June 2020 Max Weltz

A straight rod of metal

A bit expensive for a straight rail of metal, also, this is only 1x

Read more

Fasteners 360º

02 June 2020 Max Weltz

Good quality but

I wish those were easier to fix without tools, also 19e for 4 (which in theory will accommodate only 1 pedal, but with some creative thinking you can probably use 3 per pedal and fix 3 pedals with 2x sets of 4) is a...

Read more


02 June 2020 Max Weltz

Easy installation, does the job

Easy installation, does the job, seems solid

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PSU Support - Universal Simple

19 May 2020 Daniel Furgatch

they work on any power supply

I have an S2 board and am about to receive a second one. Would be nice if these were included with the board, but they allow any power supply to be attached to the underside of the board. Great boards too. My 2 boards...

Read more

Advanced kit S2 - Top Routing

15 May 2020 Todd Baklayan

I love it so far

The fasteners hold all of my pedals securely. The cable routing kit makes it easy to have a really clean looking board. Right now I'm using a TrueTone CS7 mounted on top of the board, but will be switching to a...

Read more

Smart Track® S2 - Top Routing

12 May 2020 Christian Downs

This is the pedal board you are looking for!

Finally, a pedalboard mounting option that does not require destroying pedalcases with Velcro, glue, or zip ties.The Smart Track system provides an easy, clean, solid mounting system for pedals (and anything else...

Read more

Tidy Cables Pack

12 May 2020 Dylan Peters


Great for the thru board versions of the boards as you can use them on the top and bottom of the board. Expensive but worth getting - I'd recommend getting a couple of boxes as they don't go far.

Read more

Smart Track® XS2 - Free Routing

12 May 2020 Dylan Peters

Very Sturdy and make routing easy.

This is my first pedalboard so don't have anything to compare it with. I went for this free routing model and glad I did as makes cable routing easy and tidy. Its a very sturdy board, its easy to adjust the angle of...

Read more

Smart Track® S1 - Top Routing

06 May 2020 Chris Newlin

Exactly What I Needed

I needed a small/compact board for my studio that I could easily swap out my crazy amount of pedals without dealing with velcro or other proprietary mounting systems that required adhesive or mounting from underneath...

Read more


28 Apr. 2020 Jay Leopold


Does exactly what’s needed - this is really a great system for cleaning up the pedal setup!

Read more

Hybrid Track® S2 - Top Routing

28 Apr. 2020 Jay Leopold

This is a great setup

Love how clean and simple this setup is. Exactly what i was looking for

Read more

Smart Track® L2 - Top Routing

23 Apr. 2020 Ian Ohan

Great Pedal Board

Great quality. Clip system is very clean. Very Happy with this board. Would love to see an Acclam Patch Bay.

Read more

Media articles and publications

“You no longer have to cut zip ties or deal with [...] Velcro.”
“There is always room for improvement when it comes to a board that lets you quickly and securely set set up your pedals”

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A simple, yet revolutionary pedalboard system
“Quickly and easily reconfigurable, and should be a big hit with pedal fanatics who want to keep their pricey vintage or boutique units velcro-free.“

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“Aclam has built a pedalboard that gets me!”
“The Smart Track® S2 board offers a solution to keep your pedals in line without permanently marking them up with Velcro”

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“The best pedalboards 2020: Top 3 Smart Track® S2”
“Highly modular, Non-destructive mounting system, affordable starter kit!”

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“Tools for the task: Pedalboards”
“Utilizing a fastener system that allows for quick changes and prevents possible pedal damage, these pedalboards also feature adjustable rear feet for fine-tuning the slope.”

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“Guitar Noodle: Top pick award. Rating 10/10”
“The mounting blocks are a far better solution than velcro and if you own any expensive pedals you’ll be much happier using this mounting method.”

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